Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Cinderella's Wicked Stepmother and Stepsisters film costumes on display...

In addition to Cinderella's fairytale ball gown, the FIDM Museum in Downtown L.A. also had one of the costumes which helped transform Cate Blanchett into Ella's Wicked Stepmother, 'Lady Tremaine', and made her look like a classic Disney villain.

Wicked Stepmother and Stepsisters costumes
from 2015's live-action Cinderella
Lady Tremaine Cinderella Stepsisters film costumes
Holliday Grainger Anastasia costume Cinderella
Wicked Stepmother Stepsisters costumes Cinderella
Anastasia costume Cinderella
Cinderella Anastasia film costume
Sophie McShera Drisella costume Cinderella
Cinderella movie costumes
Cinderella Stepmother Stepsisters movie costumes
These fabulous costumes designed by Oscar-nominee Sandy Powell were photographed on display on February 12, 2016 (where they'll be until April 30, 2016), and also include the dresses worn by the dim-witted sisters, 'Anastasia' (played by Holiday Grainger) and 'Drisella' (played by Sophie McShera).

Lady Tremaine hat and costume
worn by Cate Blanchett in Cinderella
Cinderella film costumes
Cate Blanchett Lady Tremaine Cinderella costume
Lady Tremaine Cinderella movie costume
Lady Tremaine Cinderella film costume
Cinderella movie costume hats
Lady Tremaine certainly likes to make an entrance, but her elegant appearance and divine hat, belie her cold heart and cruel personality as Ella soon finds out when she's treated as little more than a house slave.

If you like these costumes that they wear when they first meet our heroine, be sure to also check out more Disney Cinderella movie costumes on display, including this trio's gaudy Royal Ball gowns.

Plus if you're a fan of the beautiful actress, be sure to enjoy these other Cate Blanchett movie costumes from Carol (also Oscar-nominated and designed by Sandy Powell), Hanna, Robin Hood and Elizabeth: The Golden Age.

Cinderella movie poster
Cinderella movie poster
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