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Original movie props from Sucker Punch on display...

Not only did the movie exhibit at ArcLight Pasadena cinema have fantastic costumes featured in Sucker Punch, but also the signature weapons of the leading ladies from the fantasy-action movie on display too.

Original Sucker Punch costumes and props
on display at ArcLight Pasadena
Sucker Punch movie costumes and propsSucker Punch movie propsActual Sucker Punch propsSucker Punch Babydoll pistol and charmsSucker Punch Babydoll sword prop
Sucker Punch movie props display
Original Sucker Punch movie props
These actual weapon props used in the movie were photographed on March 11, 2011 (installed by Olson Visual).

Sucker Punch movie poster
Sucker Punch movie poster
The Japanese katana used by Emily Browning as 'Babydoll' in the movie had the most amazing engravings on the blade, featuring cherries, bunnies and flowers amongst other things.

Babydoll's samurai sword prop featured in Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch babydoll samurai swordBabydoll sword prop Sucker PunchSucker Punch sword prop hilt
Sucker Punch Babydoll katana hilt
Sucker Punch Babydoll katana
Babydoll katana sword design Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch Babydoll sword prop
The intricate design was also replicated on her custom 1911 pistol.

Babydoll's signature pistol featured in Sucker Punch
Babydoll pistol prop Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch Babydoll pistolSucker Punch Babydoll pistol engravingBabydoll pistol Sucker Punch prop
The quirky gun charms were also nice touch and included a cute rabbit, hourglass, baby bottle and skull.

If you like these original props, be sure to also check out Emily Browning's Babydoll costume.

Rocket's knife and sheath props from Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch Rocket knife propRocket knife prop Sucker Punch
Jena Malone uses this blade in the movie, check out her Rocket costume in Sucker Punch.

Sucker Punch movie poster
Sucker Punch movie poster
Next up is the handgun used by Jamie Chung as 'Amber'. Check out Amber's costume from Sucker Punch on display.

Amber's gun prop from Sucker Punch
Amber's gun prop Sucker PunchSucker Punch Amber gun prop
Sucker Punch film props
Also included in the prop exhibit was the Native American heart throwing tomahawk used by Vanessa Hudgens character. Take a look at her skin-tight Blondie costume from Sucker Punch.

Blondie's tomahawk prop used in Sucker Punch
Blondie tomahawk prop Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch Blondie tomahawk prop
Finally, Abbie Cornish gets to handle the big guns as 'Sweet Pea' and in particular this rifle replica (which was much lighter and mostly made of a foamlike material rather than metal).

Sweet Pea's rifle prop from Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch Sweet Pea M4 rifle propSweet Pea M4 rifle prop Sucker PunchSucker Punch movie weapon props
Check out Sweet Pea's costume here at Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props.

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  1. Sweet Pea's weapon you are displaying is not an M4 (which is used in the movie) but a Remington 870 with a tactical stock, breacher muzzle brake, ghost ring sight, and light mount.

    1. Actually, if you look carefully, you will see this weapob as a breacher/backup strapped to her back. Her M4 is her main gun, but this shotgun is clearly on her as well...

    2. Sorry, my earlier post wasn't as clear... Sweet Pea did, indeed, carry an M4 as her primary battle weapon, but she also carried a Remington 870 replica just like this one as her breacher/backup weapon - which is consistent with what would be expected on a properly outfitted team, given the makeup of the squad itself. All of the characters carried multiple weapons, although not all of them were used.

    3. Sorry again... Like I really needed another reason to watch this movie again... :) But I did, and for further clarity... While it is true that this is not her M4 like the display signage indicates, this is, in fact, one of Sweet Pea's main weapons. She carries it as a Breacher/Backup in many scenes, and (just for kicks) it's important to note that Sweet Pea does, in fact, switch it up and use the Remington 870 as her primary, M4 as a backup, during the assault on the train - something that is a good tactical choice given the unit, tactics, and proximity of the enemy. It's my understanding that they had experienced tactical (and technical) assistance durin the filming. I can say that most of the techniques and movement of them during their battle scenes, while quite sexy in their look, are actually very accurate and spot on. Their zones are tight, they move well as a small unit. Biggest issue I had was that it was too obviously rehearsed because they did not have enough in-unit communication during the battles. But hey, this was HER fantasy, not mine!

    4. Thanks for all the comments, clarifications and enthusiasm :)

  2. Thanks for clarifying, was just going by the information supplied with the display.

  3. Thank you for your blog post on Sucker Punch. Read my blog on the inspirations drawn to create the Sucker Punch costumes at:

    Leave a comment and pass it around. Thanks.

  4. It was a great honor making the corsets for Sucker Punch and working with Michael Wilkinson.

  5. These are wonderful photos taken. Thank you very much for sharing!

    I was wondering if maybe you had more upclose photos of Babydoll's Samuari Sword, the whole length? I'm interested in the design on the sword.

    I was thinking of having that tattooed on my side and needed the full design to do it.

    Thanks in advance! This is a great blog.

  6. I wish I did have pics of the whole sword, but the lighting and the length of the blade made it hard to photograph in the time I had.

  7. Jason, thank you for the quick reply. I hope something will surface soon with it.

  8. @hausofashley: I have a complete picture of the design. Just send me an mail if you're still interested.

  9. does anyone know who designed the glasses carla gugino's character was swearing?

  10. i love the entire movie's costume and props. would anyone happen to know the best costume designer that could create replicas of their outfits? thank you.

  11. baby doll step father used a knife to open the last will icant find it anyone can help

  12. Do you know if the Babydoll 1911 displayed is a non-firing prop like Amber's Glock or an actual live-firing example?

  13. Sorry not sure, it felt pretty solid when I held it, but I'm not a firearms expert

  14. the props and costumes were the best part of this movie! does anyone happen to know who the artist that did the engravings on babydoll's sword and gun is? i would love to see more of their work!!

  15. Apparently Alex Pardee was responsible for the art on the sword/gun

  16. Hi guys
    thk u for all these photos
    I am a Sucker Punch Fan n will be plannin to design a bunch of weapons from the movie n costume

    So far I alraedy got

    Sweet Pea - 1st test version!/media/set/?set=a.10150419752317177.416156.604362176&type=3

    baby doll - early test version

    Mini Gun Samuria n bazooka
    Bazooka Early test

    undead steam power german solider

    Add me on Facebook: Mark Skater
    to check out more photos

    My Collection of props
    plannin to collect all from the movie

  17. Photo of my version of the Sucker Punch Costume
    at a Cosplay Event at Goma - Brisbane!/media/set/?set=a.10150627507692177.448004.604362176&type=3

    all 4 sucker punch costume - designed by Mark Skater

    Sweet Pea
    Mini Gun Samuria
    Steam punch Undead Soliders


  18. Hi every1
    (jason - thk u for lettin me share my post)

    Hi guys, this is Mark Skater
    Brisbane independant film maker
    n a big fan of Sucker punch movie - costume props, evertything

    I am not sponser to do any of these
    I do it coz, thats How Big a Fan i am
    n how this blog inspired me to make my dreams come through

    Last post i shared my dream project was to have a collection
    like above
    all the costume n props n weapons from the movie Sucker Punch
    last wkend 10th march

    here is the test photoshoot - n progress
    (rocket model missing)

    n this wkend 18th March - at Unleashed Brisbane
    Mark Skater Sucker Punch (fyi I am mark skater "hi")
    were invited to showcase at this event

    over 12 cosplayer in sucker costume will be exhibited
    over 10 from my collection
    2 costume - made from scratch
    some Original character inspired by the movie
    n a bunch of replica lookin props
    from battery power, to plastic toy guns, to DYI build props

    I am not sponser to do any of these
    I do it coz, thats How Big a Fan i am!/media/set/?set=a.10150729313097177.460200.604362176&type=3

    youtube playlist

  19. The Babydoll "pistol" above is not accurate and seems to be a black plastic 'airsoft' prop. The model that Babydoll used in the movie is the 1911A1 model with the vertical serrated grip on the slide and not slated one as shown above. The reason that I suspect that the pistol shown above is black plastic painted silver is that the charm lanyards holder is not what you would find on a real pistol. The one shown above seems to be an 'eye screw' that you can find in any hardware store and screwed onto the bottom of the grip (can't do that to a real steel pistol). You can also see the silver paint chipping away from the barrel in the ejector port area of the pistol. If this prop was used in the movie, I didn't see it. Perhaps it was a publicity/ display prop instead of the actual pistol used. If I was a publicist, I don't think I would want to display a real gun (and they did use real ones in the movie) in such a flimsy display case either. Just my two cents. :)

  20. These props (and the costumes) were supplied by the studio for display, but some of them could be stunt props too. I'm not a gun expert.

  21. Do you know if the studio would be interested in selling the sword?

  22. I'd assume that the sword would be in Warner Bros Studios archives.


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