Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Heroes Reborn TV costumes on display...

2015's Heroes Reborn mini-series was a follow-up to Tim Kring's show about people with superpowers which ran for four seasons from 2006 to 2010. This new television incarnation introduced a whole new batch of EVOs (evolved humans) and saw the return of some fan-favourites too, trying to save humanity from destruction.

Original costumes from TV's Heroes Reborn
Heroes Reborn TV costumes
Heroes Reborn costumes
Katana Girl Heroes Reborn costume
Heroes Reborn costume exhibit
Heroes Reborn costumes
These 'Katana Girl' and 'El Vengador' costumes from the show, designed by Barbara Somerville (with assistance from Kevin Barry and Michael Ground), were photographed on display at Downtown L.A.'s FIDM Museum on August 9, 2016.

Heroes Reborn TV billboard
Heroes Reborn 2015 billboard
In the thirteen episode event series Kiki Sukezane played 'Miko Otomo', the Japanese martial arts expert and sword wielding 'Katana Girl'.

Costume worn by Kiki Sukezane as Katana Girl
in Heroes Reborn
Heroes Reborn Katana Girl costume
Katana Girl Heroes Reborn costume
Katana Girl Heroes Reborn Evernow costume
Katana Girl Heroes Reborn TV costume
Katana Girl is a digital creation that can exist in the video game world of Evernow and the real world, based on the likeness and memories of a video game designer's daughter. The lighter pink outfit is the character's street wear look, whilst this darker purple costume is based on the Evernow game fighting look.

El Vengador costume worn by Ryan Guzman
in Heroes Reborn
Heroes Reborn El Vengador costume
Heroes Reborn El Vengador costume
Heroes Reborn El Vengador costume
El Vengador Heroes Reborn costume
El Vengador costume Heroes Reborn
Heroes Reborn El Vengador TV costume
When we first meet 'El Vengador' he is a masked East L.A. vigilante by the name of 'Oscar Gutierrez' (played by Marco Grazzini) helping EVOs escape persecution in an underground railroad with his super-strength power (a bit like a Lucha Libre Batman mashup).

When he is killed in action the mantle is taken up by his non-powered brother and troubled war veteran, 'Carlos Gutierrez' (Ryan Guzman). This is the original El Vengador costume, but after an unsuccessful mission as the masked hero, Carlos upgrades this design with kevlar and hydraulic motors to be more durable and enhance his training and strength as a soldier.

If you're a fan of the original series, be sure to enjoy these costumes and props from Heroes on display at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Fans of superheroes can also check out more costumes inspired by comic books on the small and big screens here at Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props.

Heroes Reborn TV billboard
Heroes Reborn TV billboard

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sci-fi costumes from TV's Defiance on display...

Syfy's science fiction western themed TV drama, Defiance, ran for three seasons from 2013 to 2015. Set in the post-apocalytpic Earth of 2046 which has been radically transformed with the arrival of a variety of extraterrestrial races, collectively called Votans, whose terraforming technology changed the geology, flora and fauna of the world. Defiance is a town built on the remains of St. Louis, Missouri, where humans and aliens try to coexist.

Original Defiance TV costumes
Defiance TV costume exhibit
Defiance TV costumes
Defiance Syfy costumes
Defiance TV costumes
Original Defiance TV costumes
This collection of futuristic costumes from the show's final season, designed by Simonetta Mariano and Assistant Costume Designers Eugenie Clermont and Madeleine Stewart, were photographed on display at Downtown L.A.'s FIDM Museum on August 9, 2016. These are the kind of outlandish sci-fi costumes I love seeing in person.

Defiance season 1 TV billboard
Defiance season 1 billboard
In the series Stephanie Leonidas plays 'Irisa Nyira', from the alien Irathients species, who was adopted as a girl by Defiance's human Chief Lawkeeper 'Joshua Nolan' (played by Grant Bowler), and she is his deputy.

Irisa costume worn by Stephanie Leonidas in Defiance
Irisa Nyira costume Defiance
Irisa Defiance costume
Defiance Irisa costume
Stephanie Leonidas Defiance Irisa costume
The top-hatted 'Sukar' is an Irithient male who is leader of the raider biker gang, the Spirit Riders, and is played by Noah Danby in the series. This outlandish outfit, which seems like some kind of steampunk and highlander mashup, appears to be missing some driving goggles though.

Sukar costume worn by Noah Danby in Defiance
Sukar Defiance TV costume
Sukar Defiance costume
Noah Danby Defiance Sukar costume
Defiance Sukar costume
Noah Danby Defiance Sukar costume
Lee Regesen's 'General Rahm Tak' was the main villain in the show's third season and he is a ruthless human-hating military leader from the Castithan race in the Votanis Collective (made up by the seven different alien races who escaped to Earth when their sun exploded).

General Rahm Tak costume worn by Lee Tergesen in Defiance
General Rahm Tak costume Defiance
General Rahm Tak Defiance costume
Jaime Murray's scheming 'Stahma Tarr' is Defiance's answer to a sexy alien Lady Macbeth and is a member of the aristocratic, pale-skinned Castithan alien species.

Stahma Tarr costume worn by Jaime Murray in Defiance
Jaime Murray Defiance Stahma Tarr costume
Stahma Tarr Defiance costume
Defiance Stahma Tarr costume
Defiance Stahma Tarr costume
For some reason her costume reminds me of Yvonne De Carlo's vampiric 'Lily Munster' look.

And finally this costume below is worn by Conrad Coates as 'T'evgin', the leader of an eighth alien race, the Omec, who were once the overlords of the other seven races before they fled to Earth from their dying universe.

T'evgin costume worn by Conrad Coates in Defiance
Conrad Coates Defiance T'evgin costume
Defiance T'evgin costume
Defiance T evgin costume
Defiance T evgin costume detail
T evgin costume Defiance
Fans of the Syfy show can still see for themselves these costumes at the free FIDM Museum exhibit which is open Tuesday through Saturday, 10am to 5pm until October 15, 2016.

If you're a sci-fi fan like me, be sure to also check out Idris Elba's alien costume from Star Trek: Beyond, these Kryptonian costumes from Man of Steel, these Battlestar Galactica TV costumes and these futuristic Tomorrowland movie costumes.

Defiance series launch TV billboard
Defiance series launch billboard

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Men's costume inspiration for Halloween 2016...

This year Halloween falls on a Monday, so that's a whole weekend of costumes and festivities to think about. This year I'm undecided about my Halloween look, whether to revisit a classic outfit or take inspiration from recent films and TV shows, so I've been looking through all my photos from the past twelve months from all the costume exhibits around L.A. I've spied. Here are ten costumes that may spark some ideas and creativity for your All Hallows' Eve celebrations.

Suicide Squad Joker costume
Jared Leto Suicide Squad Joker movie costume
First up is one of Jared Leto's 'Joker' costumes from DC Comics Suicide Squad movie. The great thing about this new interpretation of Batman's arch-foe (by Kate Hawley) is that you could come up with your own wacky combination of clothes to make your own unique costume, with some white face makeup, lipstick and green hair to complete the sinister look.

For more inspiration, make sure you also check out the Joker's tuxedo costume from Suicide Squad and Heath Ledger's Joker costumes from The Dark Knight too.

X-Men: Apocalypse Magneto costume
XMen Apocalypse Magneto costume
Keeping the the super-hero, or villain, theme, and this year you could go as the 'Master of Magnetism' himself, 'Magneto'. Michael Fassbender sported this costume designed by Louise Mingenbach in X-Men: Apocalypse

Hail, Caesar! Roman Centurion costume
George Clooney Hail Caesar Roman Centurion costume
You could also take a leaf out of George Clooney's book and wear a Roman Centurion costume this Halloween, like this one from Hail Caesar! designed by Mary Zophres.

The Martian NASA astronaut spacesuit
The Martian NASA spacesuit
And if the past isn't your thing, maybe a futuristic NASA spacesuit like the one worn by Matt Damon in The Martian is more your cup of tea.

Oscar-winning Costume Designer Janty Yates and Associate Spacesuit Costume Designer Michael Mooney were responsible for the fab Mars surface suits featured in the hit film.

Cinderella's Prince Charming
Cinderella movie Prince Charming
If you want to feel like royalty this Halloween, then maybe this dashing 'Prince Charming' costume from Disney's live-action Cinderella movie.

If you like this regal fairytale costume worn by Richard Madden and designed by Sandy Powell, then you'll also love these other Prince Charming costumes from Into the Woods and TV's Once Upon a Time.

Alice Through the Looking Glass Mad Hatter
Alice Through the Looking Glass Mad Hatter Safari costume
For another look from the world of fantasy, what about the latest outfit worn by Johnny Depp as the 'Mad Hatter' in Alice Through the Looking Glass, which you'd obviously complete with some outlandish red hair and makeup.

If this safari expedition look is too restrained for your taste, be sure to also check out Colleen Atwood's other Oscar-winning Mad Hatter costumes from 2010's Alice in Wonderland.

The Hateful Eight's Major Marquis Warren
Hateful Eight Major Marquis Warren costume
If you're looking for a cool Western look this Halloween, then look no further than Samuel L. Jackson's bounty hunter, 'Major Marquis Warren'.

Plus for more men's outfits from the frontier wilderness, be sure to also check out these other film costumes from The Hateful Eight designed by Courtney Hoffman.

Vinyl's Richie Finestra
Bobby Cannavale Vinyl Richie Finestra costume
Something which may be a bit more easy to replicate from your local vintage or charity store is Bobby Cannavale's 1970s New York City music executive hustler from HBO's Vinyl series (with costume design by Mark Bridges and John Dunn).

The flares, the wide-collared shirt, the hip colourful jacket and cool shades, groovy man, and perfect for boogying the night away.

Marvel's Black Panther
Chadwick Boseman Black Panther movie costume
One of the newest superheroes to make his cinematic debut this year was Black Panther in Marvel's Captain America: Civil Warplayed by Chadwick Boseman.

Costume Designer Judianna Makovsky worked with Ironhead Studios to bring his sleek African tribal influenced catsuit to the big screen, and you can find some pretty cool Black Panther replica and fancy dress costumeson sites like Amazon.

Batman v Superman's Dead Robin
Batman v Superman Dead Robin costume
In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it's implied that the Caped Crusader's partner 'Robin' has met some grisly fate, maybe at the hands of 'The Joker'.

Personally I think an inventive Halloween costume this year would be a graffitied 'Dead Robin' costume, maybe even a zombified version of the Boy Wonder. After all I've been a zombie Wonder Woman in years past.

If none of these suggestions from the big and small screen get your excited, you can always search through all the other movie and TV costumes here on this blog to find some classic ideas to inspire you.

I'm sure there'll be more than a few Donald Trump parodies, inventive Stranger Things homages, lying Ryan Lochte spoofs and more costumes ripped from politics, current affairs and pop culture this Halloween.

Having run the New York Marathon the past two years, this will be my first Halloween in West Hollywood in a while so I'd better get my thinking cap on now.