Tuesday, June 1, 2021

10 of my favourite screen-used costumes and props on display to bid a fond farewell...

After much soul-searching over the past few months during this pandemic I've decided to shutter my costumes and props blog and this will be my final post. Over the years I've really enjoyed sharing the screen-used costumes, props and vehicles I've discovered on my travels to cinemas, museums, expos and theme parks with you all. Sadly it's become financially unviable to sustain this blog, so enjoy this last collection of screen treasures that have special meaning to me before this blog is archived away.

Catwoman costume worn by Michelle Pfeiffer
in Batman Returns
Michelle Pfeiffer Batman Returns Catwoman costume
Michelle Pfeiffer and her sewn-together, skin-tight catsuit and whip stole the show for me in 1992's Batman Returns, so I was thrilled to see one of her original latex costumes on display at Warner Bros. Studios VIP Museum in Burbank in July 2014.

If you're a cat lover and DC Comics fan, make sure you take a closer look at her Catwoman catsuit on display.

Wonder Woman costume worn by Lynda Carter
Lynda Carter Wonder Woman costume
Also on display at the museum tour was this fabulous costume worn by Lynda Carter in the 1970s Wonder Woman TV show.

As a young gay boy growing up in the 70s I loved watching this superheroine twirl and twirl her way to victory and dispense justice every episode.

Silk Spectre II costume worn by Malin Akerman
and Nite Owl costume worn by Patrick Wilson
in Watchmen
Watchmen movie costumes
Speaking of superheroes, these screen-worn movie costumes from Zack Snyder's 2009 movie adaptation of Watchmen were some of the first I saw in person after I'd moved to L.A. from the U.K. in March 2009.

Even more importantly, these cinematic treasures were exhibited at ArcLight Hollywood cinema out of reflective display cases and you could see them up close in glorious in 360° detail.

Captain America costumes worn by Chris Evans
in Avengers: Endgame
Chris Evans Captain America movie costumes
Meanwhile this trio of 'Captain America' uniforms featured in Avengers: Endgame were photographed at Downtown L.A.'s FIDM Museum in February 2020.

I've always loved Chris Evans (and his ass) wrapped in red, white and blue Stars and Stripes in the Avengers movies and his own solo outings, it's a hard costume to translate from comic book page to big screen.

Sucker Punch movie costumes
Sucker Punch film costumes
Zack Snyder's 2011 action fantasy Sucker Punch set in a lunatic asylum may not have been the biggest success at the box office, but I did get to see these cool costumes worn by the cast on display at ArcLight Pasadena cinema before they were put behind reflective cases for the film's theatrical release.

These costumes designed by Michael Wilkinson were worn by Abbie Cornish as 'Sweet Pea', Vanessa Hudgens as 'Blondie', Emily Browning as 'Babydoll', Jena Malone as 'Rocket' and Jamie Chung as 'Amber'.

Mad Max: Fury Road movie costumes
Mad Max Fury Road movie costumes
To my surprise I loved the non-stop action of 2015's Mad Max: Fury Road, especially Charlize Theron as the War Rig-driving 'Furiosa'.

Jenny Beavan won the Best Costume Design Oscar for her futuristic wasteland costumes and this duo of looks were display at L.A.'s FIDM Museum in February 2017.

Cruella de Vil flame dress worn by Glenn Close
in 102 Dalmatians
Glenn Close 102 Dalmatians Cruella de Vil flame dress
Speaking of Academy Award winners, and Anthony Powell scored the Oscar for Best Costume Design for his flamboyant 'Cruella de Vil' designs worn by Glenn Close in Disney's 2000 sequel, 102 Dalmatians.

I first saw this elaborate 'flame dress' on display at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley in July 2012 and then five years later at Disney's D23 Expo in Anaheim in July 2017.

Alice in Wonderland costumes
worn by Mia Wasikowska
Mia Wasikowska Alice in Wonderland costumes
2010's live-action Alice in Wonderland also scored the Best Costume Design Oscar for Colleen Atwood and these gorgeous dresses worn by Mia Wasikowska as the titular Lewis Carroll heroine were photographed on display at ArcLight Hollywood in October 2010 during awards season.

Grease Lightning 1946 Ford custom convertible from Grease
One of my favourite movies growing up was 1978's romantic musical Grease and so it was so cool to see the Grease Lightning dream car from the film on display at Hollywood's Madame Tussauds, courtesy of the Petersen Automotive Museum, in December 2012.

Tik-Tok clockwork robot costume
from Return to Oz
And finally, before the TikTok social media app craze, there was the wind-up clockwork robot, the 'Royal Army of Oz', in 1985's Return to Oz.

L. Frank Baum's 'Tik-Tok' character was brought to life by acrobat Michael Sundin squeezed inside the suit, voiced by Sean Barrett, with Tim Rose remotely-operating the head.

I loved this darker Oz fantasy sequel when I was a kid and so was excited to see this shiny suit of burnished copper on display at Disney's D23 Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center in August 2013.

Fans of the film can check out more costumes and props from Return to Oz on display.

As you can see I've come across some real wonders living in Hollywoodland and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

So here's to new adventures to come and in the immortal words of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial - "Be good!".

Friday, May 14, 2021

5 miniature models from the movies on display...

Today we continue to explore the magic of movie making with these five miniature production models used to bring the worlds of comedy, fantasy, action and horror to life on the big screen.

The Grand Budapest Hotel miniature production model
Grand Budapest Hotel miniature model
First up is this spectacular production model of The Grand Budapest Hotel used in Wes Anderson's 2014 comedy about an aging high-class hotel and the working relationship between the concierge and the lobby boy.

The movie was nominated for nine Oscars and took home four, including for Production Design for Adam Stockhausen (with Anna Pinnock for Set Decoration) and Best Costume Design for Milena Canonero.

This screen-used model was photographed on display at the sadly now defunct ArcLight Hollywood cinema in March 2014, so make sure you take a closer look at this miniature model and costumes from The Grand Budapest Hotel on display.

S.S. Venture tramp steamer and Skull Island miniature
from King Kong
SS Venture Skull Island King Kong
Next up is miniature S.S. Venture boat model from 2005's King Kong movie remake directed by Peter Jackson. This tramp steamer sailed to Skull Island, the home of the legendary giant ape.

This model was photographed on display at Universal Studios Hollywood on the theme park tour in April 2009.

Mansion miniature model from Downsizing
Downsizing mansion model miniature
This next mansion miniature model is from Alexander Payne's 2017 comedy Downsizing. To deal with overpopulation, scientist have started to shrink people down to four inches tall and Matt Damon finds himself starting his life anew in a downsized community.

Be sure to take a closer look at this miniature model from Downsizing that was on display in ArcLight Hollywood's foyer in December 2017.

Miniature WW11 Belgian village
from Welcome to Marwen
Welcome to Marwen miniature village model
The next miniatures are of a slightly different kind. In 2018's Welcome to Marwen based a true story, Steve Carell plays the victim of a vicious hate crime who builds a miniature Belgian World War II town to aid his recovery and help him remember, filling it with G.I. Joes and Barbie dolls which he photographs for therapy.

Be sure to take a closer look at these miniature Marwen buildings that were on display at ArcLight Hollywood in December 2018.

Castle miniature from Bram Stoker's Dracula
Bram Stokers Dracula castle miniature
And the final dramatic example is from Francis Ford Coppola's 1992 gothic horror movie, Bram Stoker's Dracula.

This miniature castle and home of the vampire lord was created for the film by Matte World.

Take a closer look at this production model and Gary Oldman's bat-form prosthetic makeup from Bram Stoker's Dracula that were photographed on display at the Planet Hollywood Cafe in Las Vegas in April 2011.

With people getting vaccinated and things slowly starting to get back to normal, I can't wait to see what screen-used costumes and props I can discover in the future on display at movie theatres, theme parks and museums.

Monday, May 3, 2021

5 life-like props from the movies on display...

I always love seeing the screen-used costumes and props on display as it gives you a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes Hollywood magic that goes into creating movies, especially where sci-fi, comic book and fantasy films are involved. That being said, here are five life-like props that resemble their actor counterparts for you to enjoy.

Sylvester Stallone's cryogenically frozen Sergeant John Spartan prop 
from Demolition Man 
Cryogenically frozen Sylvester Stallone prop Demolition Man
First up is this life-size naked replica of Sylvester Stallone used in the 1993 sci-fi movie, Demolition Man.

In the film he plays LAPD Sergeant 'John Spartan' who is sentenced to the city's new California Cryo Penitentiary when a hostage situation goes bad. When another prisoner escapes from cryo-prison he's awakened in the future to help capture him.

This prop copy of the action hero was photographed on display at Planet Hollywood Cafe in Las Vegas in April 2011.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mr. Freeze head
from Batman & Robin
Arnold Schwarzenegger Mr Freeze head Batman & Robin
Another of the Planet Hollywood Cafe founders also had a replica of his head on display at the same time, with this silvery 'Mr. Freeze' bust of Arnold Schwarzenegger from 1997's comic book crime-fighting caper, Batman & Robin.

Fans of the DC supervillain can also check out his Mr. Freeze movie costume on display too.

Christina Ricci's camouflaged Wednesday Addams prop
from Addams Family Values 
Camouflaged Wednesday prop Addams Family Values
The next fun bit of prop scenery is from 1993's live-action Addams Family sequel, Addams Family Values, and was also photographed at the Planet Hollywood Cafe.

Christina Ricci played their spooky daughter 'Wednesday' and expertly camouflaged herself in the Addams Mansion during the film.

Emma Watson's petrified Hermione Granger prop
from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Petrified Hermione Granger prop Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets
In 2002's Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Emma Watson's 'Hermione Granger' finds herself petrified by the basilisk at Hogwarts.

This magical life-like replica of the actress was spied at Warner Bros. Studios Backlot Museum in July 2014.

Ricky Gervais Dominic Badguy bust prop
from Muppets Most Wanted
Ricky Gervais bust Muppets Most Wanted
And the fifth prop is from 2014's musical crime comedy, Muppets Most Wanted, in which British comedian Ricky Gervais plays the Muppets tour manager who is also a master criminal in disguise.

If you like this life-like bust which was on display at Hollywood's El Capitan Theatre in March 2014, make sure you check out these other fun costumes and props from Muppets Most Wanted.

Friday, April 23, 2021

1970s-inspired movie and TV costumes on display...

I was born in the Seventies, so today I thought it would be fun to take a look at some film and television fashion that has helped transport audiences to that groovy time period. Enjoy these ten funky wardrobes from the big and small screen that have been on display at museums and cinemas in the past.

Vinyl TV costumes
Vinyl TV series costumes
First up are these costumes worn by Bobby Cannavale and Olivia Wilde in HBO's New York City music industry scene drama that aired in 2016.

Make sure you take a closer look at these Vinyl costumes designed by Mark Bridges and John Dunn on display at Downtown L.A.'s FIDM Museum & Galleries in August 2016.

Justine costume worn by Brie Larson
in Free Fire
Brie Larson Free Fire movie costume
In 2016's Free Fire, rival gangs engage in a shoot-out in an abandoned Boston warehouse in 1978.

Brie Larson's 'Justine' tries to mediate between the groups in the action-comedy and wears this look designed by Emma Fryer.

Be sure to also take a look at these other Free Fire movie costumes worn by Cillian Murphy, Armie Hammer and Sharlto Copley on display at ArcLight Hollywood cinema in April 2017.

American Hustle movie costumes
American Hustle movie costumes
This next collection of costumes is from 2013's crime drama, American Hustle, starring Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, Christian Bale, Jennifer Lawrence and Jeremy Renner.

Michael Wilkinson was Costume Designer on the film set in the late 1970s and early 80s, and these screen-worn American Hustle costumes were photographed at ArcLight Hollywood in December 2013.

C. C. costume worn by Gary Carr
in The Deuce
Gary Carr Deuce TV series costume
In HBO's 1970s drama set in the Golden age of Porn in New York City, Gary Carr played the charismatic, ruthless and controlling pimp 'C. C.'.

Anna Terrazas and Kathleen Gerlach were Series Costume Designers and fans of the show, which premiered in September 2017, can check out more costumes from the first season of The Deuce on display at L.A.'s FIDM Museum in August 2018.

The Get Down TV costumes
Get Down TV series costumes
In Baz Luhrman's music drama, The Get Down, a group of talented young people in 1977's South Bronx chase their dreams trying to transform the music industry.

Jeriana San Juan was Costume Design on the Netflix series which debuted in August 2016, and these screen-worn costumes from The Get Down were photographed on display with more outfits at L.A.'s FIDM Museum in August 2017.

If Beale Street Could Talk film costumes
If Beale Street Could Talk film costumes
In 2018's big screen adaptation of 1974 novel, If Beale Street Could Talk, KiKi Layne, Stephan James, Regina King and Colman Domingo star in a tale of romance and social injustice in 1970s Harlem.

These costumes from the movie designed by Caroline Eselin-Schaefer were photographed on display at Downtown L.A.'s FIDM Museum in February 2019.

Bobby Riggs costume worn by Steve Carell
in Battle of the Sexes
Steve Carell Battle of the Sexes film costume
In the 2017 biopic sports comedy, Battle of the Sexes, Steve Carell played ex-tennis champ and self-promoter 'Bobby Riggs' who challenged Billie Jean King (played by Emma Stone) to a televised tennis match in 1973.

Mary Zophres was Costume Designer on this sporty movie and this costume was on display at ArcLight Hollywood in September 2017.

Plus make sure you check out more tennis outfits from Battle of the Sexes on display.

BlacKkKlansman movie costumes
BlacKkKlansman movie costumes
Based on Ron Stallworth's 2014 memoir, 2018's BlacKkKlansman is a story about a Black detective (played by John David Washington) in Colorado Springs trying to infiltrate and expose a local chapter of the Ku Klux Klan with the help of a Jewish police officer (Adam Driver).

Marci Rodgers was Costume Designer on the 1970s-set film which also starred Laura Harrier, and this trio of costumes was captured on display at L.A.'s FIDM Museum in February 2019.

Kay Graham costume worn by Meryl Streep
in The Post
Meryl Streep Post movie costume
In 2017's historical drama about the Pentagon Papers and the government's Vietnam War cover-up, The Post, Meryl Streep plays the Washington Post's publisher, Kay Graham, fighting alongside Tom Hanks editor to preserve the freedom of the press and democracy.

Ann Roth was Costume Designer on this film set in 1971 and this outfit was photographed on display in ArcLight Hollywood's lobby in December 2017.

Dolemite Is My Name movie costumes
Dolemite Is My Name movie costumes
And finally for this collection of costumes, here's an assortment of outfits from Netflix's biographical comedy, Dolemite Is My Name, which starred Eddie Murphy as Rudy Ray Moore who created the stand-up stage pimp persona 'Dolemite' in 1970s Los Angeles.

The film also starred Da'Vine Joy Randolph and Wesley Snipes, whilst Ruth E. Carter was Costume Designer on the film. These garments from the 2019 movie were photographed on display at the FIDM Museum in February 2020.

I hope you've enjoyed time traveling down memory lane with me. Come back soon for more screen delights from my archives.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

10 stop-motion animation movie character puppets and sets on display...

I was really saddened by the recent news that ArcLight Hollywood and their other cinema venues would not be reopening due to the pandemic, not just because watching movies there was such a pleasant experience but also because you got to see big Hollywood stars and directors introducing their films or doing Q&As, and because they had screen-used movie costumes, props, cars and more from the big screen on display throughout the year. Today's roundup from my photo archives includes several cool exhibits of stop-motion animation movie puppets and sets that were hosted at the ArcLight theatres, plus from other museums and theme parks.

Stop-motion puppets and science lab set from Fantastic Mr. Fox
First up is a collection of character puppets and a School Chemistry Science Lab set from 2009's Oscar-nominated Fantastic Mr. Fox by Wes Anderson, which was photographed on display at ArcLight Hollywood in November 2009.

Be sure to take a closer look at these Fantastic Mr. Fox stop-motion puppets and set.

Claymation puppets from The Pirates! Band of Misfits
Pirates Band of Misfits claymation puppets
Next up is a trio of claymation pirate characters from Aardman Animation's 2012 film, The Pirates! Band of Misfits.

This exhibit was photographed at ArcLight Pasadena in April 2012, so be sure to take a closer look at these Pirates stop-motion puppets.

Stop-motion puppets and set from Isle of Dogs
Isle of Dogs stop-motion puppets sets
Another Wes Anderson animated comedy receiving a puppet and set exhibit at ArcLight Hollywood in March 2018 was the Oscar-nominated Isle of Dogs.

Missing Link stop-motion animation puppet
Missing Link stop-motion puppet
This dapper Yeti is from LAIKA Studios 2019 Golden Globe-winning animated feature, Missing Link, and was on display at ArcLight Hollywood in February 2020.

You can also see more of this set and more stop-motion puppets from Missing Link that were also on display at Downtown L.A.'s FIDM Museum & Galleries.

Stop-motion puppets and hotel bar set from Anomalisa 
Anomalisa stop-motion puppets
This hotel bar set is from Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson's Oscar-nominated 2015 romantic comedy-drama, Anomalisa.

This temporary exhibit contained other stop-motion puppets and sets from Anomalisa and was photographed in ArcLight Hollywood's lobby in December 2015.

Stop-motion puppets from Corpse Bride
Corpse Bride stop-motion puppets
The next trio of skeleton stop-motion animation puppets are from Tim Burton and Mike Johnson's 2005 musical fantasy, Corpse Bride.

These ghoulish characters were part of a larger exhibit of Corpse Bride stop-motion puppets on Warner Bros. Studios Backlot Tour in June 2016.

Stop-motion puppets and kitchen set from Coraline
Coraline stop-motion puppets kitchen set
The next stop-motion set piece is from LAIKA Studios 2009 dark fantasy movie Coraline by Henry Selick, based on Neil Gaiman's 2002 novella.

These character puppets and more sets from Coraline were photographed on display at Universal Studios Hollywood theme park in April 2009.

Stop-motion puppets from ParaNorman
ParaNorman stop-motion puppets
LAIKA Studios next film was the 2012 comedy-horror ParaNorman which found the movie's titular hero fighting zombies with his school friends.

These stop-motion puppets were photographed alongside more ParaNorman sets and puppets at Universal Studios Hollywood in February 2013.

Stop-motion puppets from The Boxtrolls
The Boxtrolls stop-motion puppets
The next collection of stop-motion characters are from LAIKA Studios 2014 fantasy comedy, The Boxtrolls, loosely based on the 2005 novel Here Be Monsters! by Alan Snow.

Again this exhibit, including other puppets and sets, was photographed at Universal Studios Hollywood to pre-promote the move to the theme park's visitors in April 2014.

Stop-motion puppets from Kubo and the Two Strings
Kubo and Two Strings stop-motion puppets
And the final stop-motion animation characters are from LAIKA Studios mythical Japanese fantasy tale, Kubo and the Two Strings.

These weird and wonderful puppets from the 2016 stop-motion animated movie were on display at Downtown L.A.'s FIDM Museum & Galleries in February 2017.

Hopefully you've enjoyed these movie exhibits from the past and I can't wait to see more similar displays in person in the future.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

10 magical witch and sorceress screen-worn costumes on display...

After the year we've all had we could all use some extra magic in our lives (even if it's a little dark magic), so I thought I'd search through my costume archives for some spellbinding witch and sorceress screen-worn looks to entertain you all with.

Ravenna costume worn by Charlize Theron
in The Huntsman: Winter's War
Charlize Theron Huntsman Winters War Ravenna costume
In 2016's fairytale fantasy sequel and prequel, The Huntsman: Winter's War, Charlize Theron plays the evil sorceress 'Queen Ravenna' and worn this stunning golden garment designed by Colleen Atwood.

Make sure you also check out more elaborate costumes from The Huntsman: Winter's War on display at Downtown L.A.'s FIDM Museum & Galleries in February 2017.

Muriel costume worn by Famke Janssen
in Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters
Famke Janssen Hansel Gretel Witch Hunters Muriel costume
In 2013's reimagined take on the Brothers Grimm fairytale Hansel & Gretel, rather than being lost children in the woods, the siblings were grown-up Witch Hunters.

In the action horror Famke Janssen played grand witch 'Muriel', ruler of a coven of dark witches, and wears this black leather and feathered costume designed by Marlene Stewart.

Make sure you also check out more witch costumes from Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters on display at ArcLight Sherman Oaks and ArcLight Hollywood cinemas in February 2013.

Queen Narissa costume worn by Susan Sarandon
in Enchanted
Susan Sarandon Enchanted Queen Narissa costume
In 2007's live-action fairytale musical comedy, Enchanted, the traditional fairytale princess story is turned on its head when Amy Adams 'Giselle' is magically transported from her animated world to real world New York City by the evil sorceress 'Queen Narissa'.

Mona May was Costume Designer on the Disney movie and be sure to also check out Susan Sarandon's Hag costume from Enchanted on display at Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park in Orlando, Florida in September 2010.

Winifred Sanderson costume worn by Bette Midler
in Hocus Pocus
Bette Midler Hocus Pocus Winifred Sanderson costume
1993's Hocus Pocus has become a beloved Disney classic and stars Bette Midler as one of three diabolical witches, the 'Sanderson Sisters' of 17th century Salem who return to wreak havoc in modern times.

Mary Vogt was Costume Designer on the supernatural comedy and his costume was photographed alongside Kathy Najimy and Sarah Jessica Parker's costumes from Hocus Pocus at Disney's D23 Expo in Anaheim, California in August 2019.

Witch costume worn by Meryl Streep
in Into the Woods
Meryl Streep Into the Woods Witch costume
In 2014 Stephen Sondheim's Broadway stage musical based on fairytales, Into the Woods, was adapted for the big screen by Disney. In the movie screen legend Meryl Streep played the 'Witch' and wore this creepy look designed by costumer extraordinaire, Colleen Atwood.

This black Witch costume was photographed at Disney's D23 Expo 2019, but you can also enjoy Meryl Streep's other blue Witch costume from Into the Woods.

Marique costume worn by Rose McGowan
in Conan the Barbarian
Rose McGowan Conan The Barbarian Marique costume
The legend of Conan the Barbarian was rebooted in 2011 with Jason Momoa replacing Arnold Schwarzenegger as the sword-wielding warrior. In the sword and sorcery film Rose McGowan played the daughter of an evil warlord and was a powerful witch named 'Marique'.

Wendy Partridge was Costume Designer on this movie and you can also check out more screen-worn costumes from Conan the Barbarian on display at ArcLight Hollywood in August 2011.

Maleficent costume worn by Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie Maleficent movie costume
2014 live-action reimagining of the Sleeping Beauty fairytale gave the winged dark fairy 'Maleficent' an original story with Angelina Jolie in the titular role.

This signature 'Christening Curse' costume evoking the 1959 Disney animated version was designed by Anna B. Sheppard.

This iconic costume was photographed on display at Disney's D23 Expo 2019, but you can also enjoy more Maleficent costumes on display including from the 2019 sequel.

Mizuki the Witch costume worn by Rinko Kikuchi
in 47 Ronin
Rinko Kikuchi 47 Ronin Witch costume
In 2013's late medieval Japanese fantasy, 47 Ronin, a band of samurai set out to avenge the death and dishonor of their master at the hands of a ruthless shogun.

In the film Rinko Kikuchi plays 'Muzuki' the witch who serves the shogun and wears this green costume designed by Penny Rose.

Wicked Witch costume worn by Mila Kunis
in Oz the Great and Powerful
Mila Kunis Oz Wicked Witch costume
In 2013's Wizard of Oz prequel, Oz the Great and Powerful, we discover the origin of the green-skinned, broomstick-riding 'Wicked Witch of the West' played by Mila Kunis.

Gary Jones was Costume Designer on the Disney movie and this wicked costume was photographed on display at Hollywood's El Capitan Theatre in March 2013.

Fans of the film can also check out more costumes and props from Oz the Great and Powerful on display at other exhibitions.

Evil Queen worn by Lana Parrilla
in Once Upon a Time
Lana Parrilla Once Upon a Time Evil Queen costume
The tenth magical costume is worn by Lana Parrilla as the 'Evil Queen' in TV's fairytale drama, Once Upon a Time, which ran for seven enchanting seasons from 2011 to 2018.

Eduardo Castro was Series Costume Designer and this costume worn by the sorceress was photographed on display at the 2019 D23 Expo.

Be sure to check out more fairytale and fable-inspired character costumes from Once Upon a Time.

If only we could cast a spell and make this pandemic disappear in the wave of a magical wand, at least now that vaccinations are rolling out, we'll soon be able to get out and about again and there'll be new costume exhibits to enjoy at cinemas, museums, theme parks and conventions.