Monday, March 14, 2011

Amber costume worn by Jamie Chung in Sucker Punch...

In Sucker Punch Jamie Chung plays 'Amber', who is described as being fiercely loyal to 'Babydoll's' band of ass-kicking troupe of girls trying to escape a mental asylum by battling through an imaginary world of orcs, robots and dragons to save themselves.

Jamie Chung's actual Amber costume featured in Sucker Punch
Amber Sucker Punch movie costumeAmber Sucker Punch film costumeSucker Punch Amber costume backAmber Jamie Chung Sucker Punch costume
Original Sucker Punch movie costumes
This original costume was photographed on display at ArcLight Pasadena cinema on March 11, 2011 and was designed by costumer, Michael Wilkinson of Watchmen fame.

Sucker Punch Amber movie poster
Amber Sucker Punch poster
Also included in the display were actual props featured in the movie, including Amber's handgun.

Gun prop used by Amber in Sucker Punch
Amber's Sucker Punch movie gun prop
Be sure to come back in the days to come to see more detailed photos of all the weapon props on display from the movie.

Sucker Punch movie billboard
Sucker Punch film billboard
In case you're wondering that's Amber's hat tucked into her belt (or in her hand in some photos) and this costume is missing a pair of boots.

360° view of Amber's costume from Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch Amber movie costume
Original Amber Sucker Punch costumeAmber Sucker Punch outfitSucker Punch Amber movie costume side viewSucker Punch Amber film costume backAmber Sucker Punch movie outfit backAmber Sucker Punch movie costume
Sucker Punch Amber outfit legs
Sucker Punch Amber costume legs
Jamie Chung Sucker Punch Amber costume

Sucker Punch Amber movie poster
Sucker Punch Amber movie poster
If you like Amber's figure-hugging costume, be sure to also check out Emily Browning's Babydoll Manga-inspired outfit, Vanessa Hudgens Blondie costume and Jena Malone's Rocket film costume in more detail.

Original Sucker Punch costumes designed by Michael Wilkinson
Authentic Sucker Punch movie costumesSucker Punch movie costumes
Buy the movie soundtrack: Sucker Punch

Go behind-the-scenes of the movie with this official book: Sucker Punch: The Art of the Movie by Zack Snyder

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