Thursday, March 31, 2011

Russell Crowe's Crusader Knight costume from Robin Hood...

In 13th century England the 2010 movie Robin Hood tells the story of before the infamous archer became the outlaw of Sherwood Forest with his Merry Men. Russell Crowe plays the titular 'Robin Longstride' and starts the movie as a common archer serving in Richard the Lionheart's army as a veteran of the Crusades.
Crusader Knight costume worn by
Russell Crowe in Robin Hood
Russell Crowe Robin Hood movie costumeRobin Hood Crusader Knight costume
Robin Hood Crusader Knight helmet and gloves
Robin Hood Russell Crowe movie costume
Weary of war, Robin deserts the army and during the film steals the armour of a fallen knight to disguise himself as a nobleman.

Robin Hood movie poster
Robin Hood movie poster
Janty Yates was Costume Designer on this historic movie, and also won the Oscar for Best Costume for another Ridley Scott/Russell Crowe collaboration, Gladiator, in 2001.

Original period costume from Robin Hood
on display at Universal Studios Hollywood
Robin Hood movie costume exhibit
Russell Crowe Robin Hood Crusader costume
Russell Crowe Robin Hood film costume
Robin Hood movie costume display
If you like this costume, be sure to check out photos of Russell Crowe's Maximus Decimus Roman Gladiator costume on display.

Crusader Knight helmet and gloves from Robin Hood
Crusader helmet Robin Hood movieCrusader Knight helmet Robin Hood movie
This costume was photographed on display at Universal Studios Hollywood on March 28, 2011.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ramona Flowers outfit from Scott Pilgrim vs The World...

In last year's Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays 'Ramona Flowers', the hair colour changing love interest of Michael Cera's titular 'Scott'.
Original costume and guitar prop
from Scott Pilgrim vs The World
Scott Pilgrim costume and guitar propScott Pilgrim movie exhibit
The girl of Scott's dreams wore this costume in her fight against one of her evil exes, 'Roxy', and this outfit and Michael Cera's signature bass guitar prop were photographed on display at Universal Studios Hollywood on March 28, 2011.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World movie poster
Scott Pilgrim movie poster
Laura Jean Shannon was responsible for Costume Design on the movie and you can also see her work in Elf, Iron Man and Blade: Trinity.

Ramona Flowers costume worn by Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Ramona Flowers film outfit Scott PilgrimRamona Flowers movie costumeRamona Flowers Scott Pilgrim costumeScott Pilgrim Ramona Flowers costume

Scott Pilgrim vs The World movie billboard
Scott Pilgrim vs The World billboard
Also on display with this original costume was the guitar prop played by Michael Cera as the bass guitarist of his band 'Sex Bob-omb' in the movie.

Bass guitar used by Michael Cera in Scott Pilgrim vs The World
Scott Pilgrim bass guitar movie prop
Be sure to check out other original movie props from Scott Pilgrim here at Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props.

Visit Jason in Hollywood for a movie review of Scott Pilgrim vs The World.

Buy the graphic novels the movie is based on: Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Boxset

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New costume and prop exhibits at Universal Studios Hollywood...

This week I took my regular pilgrimage to Universal Studios Hollywood to check out their latest costume and prop exhibits.

Original movie costumes and props on display
at Universal Studios Hollywood in March 2011
Universal movie costumesMovie models, prosthetics and animatronicsUniversal movie costume display
The archivists who maintain the permanent exhibit change the outfits, models and memorabilia around three times a year to keep it looking fresh and to help showcase more recent movies, like Hop, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Jane Eyre and The Eagle.

Concept drawings from Hop on display
Hop movie concept drawings
In addition to the fantastic movie costumes and props, there was also a great selection of memorabilia from NBC television shows from past and present, like The Munsters and Heroes, along with more from the world of comedy, sci-fi, crime, sports and drama.

Original NBC TV show costumes and props on display
Universal NBC TV costume exhibit
Munsters and Heroes TV costumesNBC TV costume exhibit
Over the coming days Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props will be showcasing each of these fantastic items from behind-the-scenes of Hollywood, including:

Max dog animatronic from The Grinch, plus other models and props
Plus much more to intrigue casual observers and delight fans of the shows and movies.

Original TV and movie props on display
Original Universal Studios movie props
There were original props on display from the small screen, like Heroes, and from movies like Little Fockers, The Grinch, Jane Eyre and The Eagle.

Mini Cooper movie car from The Bourne Identity
Bourne Identity Mini Cooper movie car
On this occasion they also had this Austin Mini Cooper from the infamous car chase scenes in 2002's The Bourne Identity included in the exhibit. Be sure to also check out more photos of this picture car and the Honda motorcycle from The Bourne Ultimatum when they were displayed outside in the Upper Lot of the theme park.
Universal Studios Hollywood
Universal Studios Hollywood
These costumes and props were photographed on display on March 28, 2011 at Universal Studios Hollywood, but be sure to also check out exhibits from January 2011, June 2010, and February 2010.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Original Sucker Punch movie costumes and props on display...

Zack Snyder's fantasy-action epic opens today and here are some of the amazing original costumes and props from the movie on display at ArcLight Pasadena cinema.

Original costumes and props featured in Sucker Punch on display
Sucker Punch costume displaySucker Punch ArcLight Pasadena costume display
Original Sucker Punch movie propsOriginal Sucker Punch costumes
Sucker Punch Babydoll, Blondie and Rocket costumes
Emily Browning, Vanessa Hudgens, Abbie Cornish, Jena Malone and Jamie Chung all wear these Michael Wilkinson creations and use these weapon props in the fantasy worlds in the movie.

This is what these kick-ass girls wear when they are fighting demon samurai in a Japanese snowscape or clockwork steam-powered zombies in the trenches of World War London, to orcs and dragons in medieval castles and futuristic robots in far off worlds.
Sucker Punch movie billboard
Sucker Punch movie billboard
These original outfits may be missing a few belts, straps, buckles, weapons and armour, but they are still so impressive to see up close and I imagine they'll be popular Halloween and Cosplay costumes in the future.

You can see each individual costume in more detail and close-ups of the weapon props here at Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props:

Babydoll and the leading ladies of Sucker Punch costumes
Sucker Punch movie costume exhibitActual Sucker Punch movie costumesSucker Punch movie costumesSucker Punch movie outfits
Sucker Punch film costumes
Let me know which costume you like best and be sure to check them out in action in the movie.

Sucker Punch movie poster
Sucker Punch movie poster
Buy the movie soundtrack: Sucker Punch

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Original movie props from My Soul To Take...

In addition to having the actual costumes worn in My Soul To Take, Universal's House of Horrors at Universal Studios Hollywood also had a great assortment of original props from the horror movie on display for the theme park visitors to enjoy.
Original props featured in My Soul To Take on display
My Soul To Take Britney movie props
Knife prop My Soul To Take
Condor puppet prop My Soul To Take
My Soul To Take stunt knife
Wes Craven's horror movie from 2010 features the 'Ripper', who apparently returns to his hometown to stalk and kill seven teenage kids who were born on the same day that he allegedly died sixteen years previously.

My Soul To Take movie poster
My Soul To Take poster

Largest knife in the kitchen movie prop from My Soul To Take
Kitchen knife prop My Soul To Take
First up is this bloody butcher knife used by 'Bug' (Max Thieriot) in the movie to save himself.

Stunt vengeance knife prop from My Soul To Take
My Soul To Take knife propMy Soul To Take vengeance knife prop
Next is the stunt hook bladed vengeance knife used by Raul Esparza as 'Abel Plankov', the original 'Riverton Ripper', a family man who suffers from a murderous multiple personality disorder.

Smashed hobby horse prop from My Soul To Take
My Soul To Take hobby horse propMy Soul To Take smashed horse prop
Bug, also known as 'Adam', smashes this hobby horse in a symbolic gesture with his sister 'Fang' in the movie, as it was made by their murderous father Abel, sixteen years earlier.

Abandoned Condor puppet prop featured in My Soul To Take
My Soul To Take puppet propMy Soul To Take condor puppet prop
Also on display was Bug's abandoned 'Condor' sock puppet for his school project on the California Condor. Be sure to also check out the Condor costume he later makes from the movie.

Britney's purse prop from My Soul To Take
My Soul To Take Britney purse prop
Finally here's the purse belonging to 'Britney', of one of the victims of the Ripper.
Universal's House of Horrors
Universal's House of Horrors
All these horror movie props were photographed on display at Universal's House of Horrors on February 28, 2011.