Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tiffany animatronic from Seed of Chucky...

This creepy looking animatronic is from the fifth installment in the Child's Play film franchise, which started as a horror series and has become much more a horror-comedy movie genre.

'Chucky' is an iconic horror villain and is a 'Good Guy doll' inhabited by the soul, via voodoo magic, of serial killer 'Charles Lee 'Chucky' Ray'.

In the fourth movie, Bride of Chucky, cinema goers were introduced to 'Tiffany Valentine', Chucky's former human girlfriend and murder accomplice. Chucky murders her then resurrects her as a doll.

Tiffany animatronic from 2004's Seed of Chucky
Seed of Chucky movie Tiffany animatronic
Tiffany animatronic Seed of Chucky movie prop
In the 2004 movie Seed of Chucky, we find out Tiffany and Chucky have parented a doll offspring.

The movie follows the events of Bride of Chucky and stars Jennifer Tilly, who plays herself and also provides the voice of Tiffany.

Seed of Chucky movie poster
Seed of Chucky movie poster
This wicked looking animatronic was photographed at Universal Studios Hollywood on June 21, 2010.

Tiffany animatronic on display at Universal Studios Hollywood
Tiffany animatronic Seed of Chucky movieTiffany animatronic Child's Play 5 movie
Seed of Chucky Tiffany animatronic model
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  1. how much is it cuz i want a real life size tiffany doll really bad.

  2. @Angy Ray who would want one of those in they`er room. it'd creep me the heck out. lol :) Just sayin

  3. I would like to know how much they cost and where to get one cause I want one soo bad, and it's hard to find one that looks soo much like the original.

  4. Not as of April 2012, but they do rotate the memorabilia on display so it may return in the future.

  5. I like tiffany when she's a doll in seed of chucky i can sound EXACTLY like her.

    1. U mean jennifer tilly she does the voice.

  6. Is there any way that they would have the Tiffany doll from the forth movie, "Bride of Chucky", because there are differences in them. I would really really really really LOVE to purchase one. I've wanted one since I was younger


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