Friday, October 24, 2008

Costumes and props from Max Payne...

This selection of original movie costumes and props from the 2008 movie Max Payne were on display in the foyer of the Cinerama Dome cinema in L.A. on October 24, 2008.

Actual movie costume worn by Mark Walhberg as Max Payne
Original Mark Wahlberg Max Payne movie costume
George L. Little was Costume Designer on Max Payne and you can also see his costumes in The Hurt Locker.

Max Payne movie poster
Mark Wahlberg Max Payne movie poster

Movie costume worn by Mila Kunis
as female assassin 'Mona Sax' in Max Payne
Max Payne female assassin film costume
Below are a selection of props from the detective movie, based on the popular video console game, including police badges, I.D.'s and other paraphernalia, an illustrated book of Norse Mythology, 'Valkyr Serum' drug vials and weapons.

Original movie props from Max Payne
Original Payne movie propsActual Max Payne movie propsMax Payne film props on display at the Cinerama Dome

Max Payne movie poster
Max Payne movie poster
Visit Jason in Hollywood for a movie review of Max Payne.

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