Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rocket film costume worn by Jena Malone in Sucker Punch...

Jena Malone plays the outspoken 'Rocket' in Zack Snyder's action-fantasy Sucker Punch. To promote the forthcoming movie, the costume she wore in the film, along with the other female lead characters are on display at ArcLight Pasadena cinema.

Jena Malone's Rocket costume worn in Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch Rocket movie costume
Rocket Sucker Punch movie costume
Sucker Punch Rocket film costume
Sucker Punch Rocket costume back
Original Sucker Punch costumes
Rocket Sucker Punch movie costume
Rocket is the feisty, trouble-making on-screen sister of 'Sweet Pea' (Abbie Cornish) and part of 'Babydoll's' band of kick-ass girls trying to escape a mental institute through a mind-bending world of imagination.

Sucker Punch Rocket movie poster
Sucker Punch Rocket poster
Michael Wilkinson is responsible for the fantastic skin-tight fashion in the movie and you can also see his costume designs in Watchmen, 300, Terminator: Salvation and Tron: Legacy.

Rocket's knife prop featured in Sucker Punch
Rocket knife Sucker Punch prop
In addition to the original outfit, the movie exhibit also has Rocket's knife used in the film on display.

Sucker Punch movie billboard
Sucker Punch movie billboard

360° view of Rocket's costume from Sucker Punch
Rocket Sucker Punch Jena Malone costume
Jena Malone Sucker Punch Rocket costume
Rocket Sucker Punch costume detail
Sucker Punch Rocket costume rear viewSucker Punch Rocket outfit backRocket Sucker Punch outfit backSucker Punch Rocket costume backSucker Punch Rocket costume side viewJena Malone Sucker Punch Rocket movie outfit
Rocket's boots Sucker Punch
If you love this amazing original costume, be sure to check out detailed photos of Emily Browning's Babydoll costume and Vanessa Hudgens Blondie outfit from Sucker Punch.

Sucker Punch Rocket movie poster
Rocket Sucker Punch poster

Michael Wilkinson designed Sucker Punch costumes
Sucker Punch movie costumes
Actual Sucker Punch film costumes
These costumes were photographed at ArcLight Pasadena on March 11, 2011 and was installed by Olson Visual.

Go further behind-the-scenes of the movie with this official book: Sucker Punch: The Art of the Movie by Zack Snyder


  1. Rocket's costume is by far my favorite out of the five.

  2. Love the outfits in this movie. Great movie! Sweet Pea's is my favorite.

  3. i love rocket she was awsome


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