Thursday, May 30, 2013

Anne Hathaway's Fantine costume from Les Misérables on display...

Amongst the wonderful collection of movie memorabilia at Universal Studios Hollywood on my recent visit on May 7, 2013 were three original costumes from Tom Hopper's 2012 big screen version of Les Misérables, including the outfit worn by Anne Hathaway as 'Fantine' when she sings 'I Dreamed a Dream'.

Original movie costumes worn by Anne Hathaway, 
Amanda Seyfried and Eddie Redmayne in Les Misérables
Anne Hathaway Les Misérables Fantine costume
Les Misérables Fantine movie costume
Les Miserables movie costumes
Les Miserables film costumes
Anne Hathaway gave an emotional Oscar-winning performance as 'Fantine' and wore this filthy costume when she sang the the iconic 'I Dreamed a Dream' song.

If you like these fantastic outfits, be sure to get a closer look at the Cosette and Marius film costumes worn in Les Misérables here at Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props.
Les Misérables movie billboard
Les Miserables movie billboard
Paco Delgado was nominated for an Oscar for his Costume Design on this cinematic adaptation of the famous musical which is set in 19th century France.

Fantine wears this dirty costume when she has lost her factory job, been forced to sell her own hair and turn to prostitution to earn the necessary money to care for her daughter Cosette.

'I Dreamed a Dream' Fantine movie costume from Les Misérables
I Dreamed a Dream Fantine costume Les Misérables
Les Misérables Fantine I Dreamed a Dream outfit
Fantine movie costume Les Misérables
Fantine costume detail Les Misérables
Original Les Misérables movie costumes
Fantine movie costume Les Misérables
If you're a fan of the actress, be sure to also click through and take a look at Anne Hathaway's Catwoman costume from The Dark Knight Rises, plus original film costumes worn in One Day on display.

Les Misérables movie poster
Les Misérables Fantine movie poster
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Assassin weapon props from Wanted on display...

In the 2008 loosely based adaptation of Mark Miller and J.G. Jones comic book series Wanted, James McAvoy stars as 'Wesley', a frustrated office worker who discovers he's the son of a professional assassin belonging to a secret guild called 'The Fraternity', whose members also include the likes of Angelina Jolie (Fox) and Morgan Freeman (Sloan).

Assassin crossbow and rifle props from Wanted
Wanted assassin crossbow prop
Wanted assassin weapon props
Assassin crossbow Wanted movie
Wanted assassin crossbow
These cool crossbow and rifle props from the movie with their ornate decorations and handles, were photographed on display at Universal Studios Hollywood on May 7, 2013.
Wanted movie poster
Wanted movie poster
If you're a fan of the movie, be sure to click through to check out these other weapon props and costume accessories worn by Morgan Freeman in Wanted.

Plus if you're wondering what that box is beside the weapons, that's a transponder prop from the thriller Hanna, which coincidentally was about a teenage girl assassin.
Wanted sniper rifle prop
Wanted assassin weapon film props
Wanted assassin rifle prop
Assassin rifle prop Wanted
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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Roy Scheider's police uniform and concept sketches from Jaws...

As it's been over thirty-five years since the Steven Spielberg's Jaws terrorised the big screen, it was a bit of a thrill to see these concept drawings for the Great White Shark and especially the original Amity Police Chief uniform worn by Roy Scheider on display at Universal Studios Hollywood on May 7, 2013.

Original costume and concept drawings from Jaws
Jaws movie costume concept sketches
Jaws shark concept drawing
Jaws movie exhibit NBC Universal Experience
Robert Ellsworth was responsible for the men's wardrobe on this classic movie from 1975 and seeing this costume was really like seeing a little piece of movie history.
Jaws movie poster
Jaws movie poster
I've seen these shark sketches and schematics as part of the NBC Universal exhibit before, but it's nice to see them with an accompanying costume from the movie too.

Original uniform worn by Roy Scheider 
as Police Chief Martin Brody in Jaws
Roy Scheider Police Chief Brody Jaws costume
Roy Scheider Amity Police uniform Jaws
Roy Scheider Jaws movie costume
Roy Scheider Jaws film costume
If you're a fan of director Steven Spielberg, be sure to also check out these movie costumes from Lincoln and War Horse, plus props from E.T. on display.

Great White Shark concept drawings from Jaws
Great White Shark schematic Jaws
Shark concept drawing Jaws
Shark concept drawing Jaws

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Great Gatsby movie costumes on display...

Baz Luhrmann's adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's 1925 novel The Great Gatsby is a lavish spectacle, evoking the sights and sounds of New York's Roaring Twenties, no more so than in the fantastic costume design.

Original film costumes and production model from The Great Gatsby
Great Gatsby movie costume exhibit
Great Gatsby movie costumes
Great Gatsby movie costumes
Great Gatsby red party dress
Great Gatsby movie costumes
This trio of period costumes from the movie remake were photographed at ArcLight Hollywood cinema on May 10, 2013, on display beside a production model of Jay Gatsby's castle.

The Great Gatsby party costumes
The Great Gatsby party costumes
Great Gatsby party costumes
Great Gatsby Klipspringer party costume
Great Gatsby Klipspringer party costume
Catherine Martin, the wife of Baz Luhrmann, is the Costume Designer responsible for the looks of the party goers who attend Gatsby's lavish parties. Included in the display I believe is the party outfit worn by 'Ewing Klipspringer' (Brendan Maclean), a freeloader at the mansion who plays the piano and is said to be a 'dubious descendant of Beethoven'.

Green flapper dress detail from The Great Gatsby
Great Gatsby green party dress
Great Gatsby green flapper dress
Gatsby green party dress
Green costume headpiece Great Gatsby
Green costume headdress Gatsby
costume headpiece Great Gatsby
Great Gatsby green flapper dress
Great Gatsby movie costume
Gatsby movie costume
The detail on this green flapper dress is amazing and there are literally hundreds of similar costumes in the frenetic party scenes in the movie.

In addition to the wonderful costumes it's also interesting to get a glimpse of the foam core model of Gatsby's opulent Long Island mansion built by the film's art department.
The Great Gatsby castle production model
Great Gatsby castle production model
Gatsbys castle art department model
Great Gatsby castle film production model
In the movie there's a scene at one of Gatsby's infamous parties where a girl is singing a sad song in a red dress on a piano. This may not be that dress, but that's the only red dress of note from the movie that I can remember. 

Red party dress from The Great Gatsby
Great Gatsby red flapper dress
Great Gatsby red dress
Great Gatsby party dress
Red headdress Great Gatsby
Red flower headdress Gatsby
Gatsby red dress detail
Great Gatsby red dress
Great Gatsby movie dress
If you like these extravagant costumes you'll probably like these fun costumes worn by Christina Aguilera in Burlesque, plus another look at 1920's fashion in this costume worn by Angelina Jolie in Changeling.