Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Terminator Salvation Hydrobot movie prop...

This fantastically detailed robot prop from Terminator Salvation was on display in the ArcLight Hollywood cinema foyer on May 19, 2009.

'Hydrobot' movie prop from Terminator Salvation
Terminator Salvation robot prop and 3D poster
The snake-like 'hydrobot' features prominently in the fourth installment in the Terminator film franchise as it patrols the waters of the future.

Terminator Salvation movie billboard 
on La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles
Terminator Salvation movie skull billboard

Terminator Salvation robot movie prop 
on display at ArcLight Hollywood
Terminator Salvation movie prop water Hydrobot
Hydrobot movie prop from Terminator Salvation
One 'hydrobot' is actually caught and examined early on in the movie by the human rebels, led by Christian Bale as 'John Connor'.

Terminator Salvation movie billboard on Sunset Boulevard in L.A.
Terminator Salvation movie billboard
Then later in the film they attack cyborg infiltrator 'Marcus' (Sam Worthington) and resistance cell leader 'John' in a swamp.

Original 'Hydrobot' movie prop from Terminator Salvation
Terminator Salvation robot movie prop
Terminator Salvation hydrobot film prop

Terminator Salvation movie billboard on La Brea Avenue in L.A. 
Terminator Salvation building movie billboard

As an extra treat here is a picture of a Terminator T-800 endoskelton in the Terminator 2: 3-D attraction store window at Universal Studios Hollywood, photographed on April 14, 2009.

Terminator T-800 life-size replica
Terminator T-800 endoskelton at Universal Studios Hollywood
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Monday, May 11, 2009

Costumes and props from JJ Abrams new Star Trek movie...

These fantastic costumes and props displays from JJ Abrams re-imagined 2009 Star Trek movie were photographed on display at ArcLight Hollywood, ArcLight Sherman Oaks and the Cinerama Dome cinemas in L.A.
Star Trek costume and prop exhibit at ArcLight Hollywood
Star Trek movie costumes and props at ArcLight Hollywood
Star Trek movie poster
Star Trek film poster
In this action-packed re-invention of the classic Star Trek universe, costume designer Michael Kaplan was responsible for updating the look of the well loved Starfleet uniforms and familiar alien races the Vulcans and Romulans
Michael Kaplan designed Star Trek costumes
Star Trek Vulcan and Romulan costumes
New JJ Abrams Star Trek costumes
New Star Trek outfits
Star Trek teaser movie poster
Star Trek teaser movie poster
Original Starfleet movie costumes from the 2009 Star Trek movie
Female red Starfleet Star Trek uniformStar Trek movie female red Starfleet uniform
This red female Starfleet uniform, may not be the actual costume worn by Zoe Saldana as 'Nyota Uhura', but it is the same style worn by the Enterprise's communications expert. 
This costume, inspired by the retro design from the original 1960's Star Trek TV series, was on display at ArcLight Sherman Oaks cinema on May 11, 2009.
Red female Starfleet uniform
New Star Trek red female cadet Starfleet uniformStar Trek film red female Starfleet outfit
Star Trek movie billboard on Santa Monica Boulevard
Star Trek movie billboard
Blue male Starfleet uniform
Close up of blue Star Trek Starfleet uniform
Blue Starfleet uniform Star Trek film costume
This blue Starfleet uniform, signifying medical and scientific responsibilities, on display at ArcLight Hollywood, is the type worn by Zachary Quinto as 'Spock' and Karl Urban as 'Bones' in the new Star Trek movie.
Actual Star Trek film costumes
Star Trek new blue Starfleet costume
Red female Starfleet Academy cadet uniform
Star Trek red female cadet Starfleet uniform
This red female Starfleet cadet uniform, worn in the movie by the likes of Uhura at the Starfleet Academy in San Francisco, was on display in the foyer of the Cinerama Dome on May 9, 2008.
Star Trek movie poster
New Star Trek film poster
Vulcan and Romulan Star Trek movie costumes
Star Trek film costumes Vulcan and Romulan
Original Star Trek Vulcan movie costume
The costume on the left above is worn by one of the Vulcan scientists from 'Prime Spock's' (Leonard Nimoy) future timeline, whilst the outfit on the right is worn by one of the Nero's (Eric Bana) Romulans from the future. 
These two costumes were photographed at ArcLight Sherman Oaks on May 11, 2009.
Female Vulcan Elder outfit
Star Trek female Vulcan Elder costume
Star Trek Starfleet and Vulcan film costumes
The costume above is worn in the movie by the female Vulcan Elder who is one of those rescued along with Spock's father when their home planet is destroyed.
Actual Vulcan and Romulan costumes from Star Trek
New Star Trek Vulcan and Romulan costumes
Star Trek Vulcan and Romulan film outfits
Beside the Vulcan Elder costume is an outfit worn by one of the time displaced Romulans in the movie. 
Star trek teaser film poster
Star Trek movie poster
Original Star Trek movie props at ArcLight Hollywood
Actual Star Trek movie props
Actual Star Trek weapon propsNew Star Trek phaser movie props
This selection of original movie props from Star Trek featured Starfleet medical and communication devices, plus phasers and weapons used in the film by the Romulans.
Original Star Trek movie props
Actual Star Trek film props
Star Trek Starfleet and Romulan movie props
Original Star Trek movie props display
Actual props form the Star Trek movieStar Trek gun film prop
Original prop exhibit at ArcLight Sherman Oaks
Actual Star Trek film weapon props
Romulan and Starfleet weapons on display at the Cinerama Dome Romulan weapon movie prop from Star Trek
Star Trek Starfleet phaser movie prop
Star Trek movie poster
Star Trek cast faces poster
Original Star Trek movie costumes
New Star Trek film costumes