Friday, March 25, 2011

Original Sucker Punch movie costumes and props on display...

Zack Snyder's fantasy-action epic opens today and here are some of the amazing original costumes and props from the movie on display at ArcLight Pasadena cinema.

Original costumes and props featured in Sucker Punch on display
Sucker Punch costume displaySucker Punch ArcLight Pasadena costume display
Original Sucker Punch movie propsOriginal Sucker Punch costumes
Sucker Punch Babydoll, Blondie and Rocket costumes
Emily Browning, Vanessa Hudgens, Abbie Cornish, Jena Malone and Jamie Chung all wear these Michael Wilkinson creations and use these weapon props in the fantasy worlds in the movie.

This is what these kick-ass girls wear when they are fighting demon samurai in a Japanese snowscape or clockwork steam-powered zombies in the trenches of World War London, to orcs and dragons in medieval castles and futuristic robots in far off worlds.
Sucker Punch movie billboard
Sucker Punch movie billboard
These original outfits may be missing a few belts, straps, buckles, weapons and armour, but they are still so impressive to see up close and I imagine they'll be popular Halloween and Cosplay costumes in the future.

You can see each individual costume in more detail and close-ups of the weapon props here at Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props:

Babydoll and the leading ladies of Sucker Punch costumes
Sucker Punch movie costume exhibitActual Sucker Punch movie costumesSucker Punch movie costumesSucker Punch movie outfits
Sucker Punch film costumes
Let me know which costume you like best and be sure to check them out in action in the movie.

Sucker Punch movie poster
Sucker Punch movie poster
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