Friday, December 18, 2020

10 screen-worn masks from the movies and TV on display...

With lots of free time on my hands with no movies to watch at the cinema and not madly rushing around store to find Christmas presents this year, I've been scouring my photo archives to see what delights I could unearth from years gone by to entertain myself. With masks in the news so much in the last ten months of the pandemic, enjoy this collection of ten screen-worn masks from the big and small screen on display at cinemas, theme parks and museums in years past.

Minotaur mask from Immortals
Immortals Minotaur mask
First up is this amazing barbed wire bull mask mask from the 2011 fantasy film, Immortals, which saw Henry Cavill's mortal champion 'Thesesus' chosen by the Greek Gods to battle Mickey Rourke's 'King Hyperion' and his 'Minotaur' henchman (played by Robert Maillet).

Eiko Ishioka was Costume Designer on the Immortals and this fierce mask was photographed on display at ArcLight Hollywood cinema in October 2017.

Lion mask from The Masked Singer
Masked Singer season 1 Lion mask
From bulls to lions, and this golden mask was worn by Rumer Willis in the first season of the U.S. version of The Masked Singer.

Marina Toybina was the Emmy-nominated Costume Designer on the costumed celebrity singing competition and this creation was photographed on display at Downtown L.A.'s FIDM Museum & Galleries in August 2019.

Blue Spirit mask from The Last Airbender
Last Airbender Blue Spirit mask
Back in 2010, M. Night Shyamalan tried to bring a live-action version of Avatar: The Last Airbender to the big screen. Noah Ringer was cast as the elemental master 'Aang' and Dev Patel played 'Prince Zuko' of the Fire Nation (and wore this 'Blue Spirit' mask) trying to enslave the Water Tribes and Earth Kingdom.

Judianna Makovsky was Costume Designer on this film adapted from the first season of Nickelodeon's animated series and this mask was captured on display at ArcLight Hollywood alongside other costumes and props from The Last Airbender in July 2010.

Erik Killmonger tribal mask from Black Panther
Black Panther Killmonger tribal mask
In 2018's cultural phenomenon, Black Panther, Michael B. Jordan's villainous 'Erik Killmonger' steals this African tribal mask during a heist on a London museum.

Ruth E. Carter was the Oscar-winning Costume Designer on the Marvel Studios superhero film shining a spotlight on Chadwick Boseman's king of Wakanda, and this outfit and more Black Panther movie costumes were photographed on display at Hollywood's El Capitan Theatre in February 2018.

Dark Elf mask from Thor: The Dark World
Thor Dark World Elf mask
Keeping to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and this Dark Elf mask and dagger were featured in 2013's Thor: The Dark World, in which Chris Hemsworth's God of Thunder faced off against Christopher Eccleston's Dark Elf, 'Malekith', ruler of Svartalfheim.

Wendy Partridge was Costume Designer on Thor's movie sequel in which the Dark Elves wore these sinister masks. This example was photographed on display at Marvel's Treasures of Asgard temporary exhibit at Disneyland in November 2013.

Catwoman mask from The Dark Knight Rises
Dark Knight Rises Catwoman mask
It's no surprise that masks feature heavily in comic book adaptations and in 2012's The Dark Knight Rises, Anne Hathaway sported this high-tech mask as the cat burglar, 'Catwoman'.

Lindy Hemming was Costume Designer on all three installments of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy and this mask and accompanying cat-suit was snapped exhibited at ArcLight Hollywood in July 2012.

Bane mask from Batman & Robin
Batman Robin Bane mask
Keeping to Batman foes, and 1997's Batman & Robin featured a very different 'Bane' to Tom Hardy's incarnation featured in The Dark Knight Rises.

Pro-wrestler Jeep Swenson played the henchman of Uma Thurman's 'Poison Ivy' in Joel Schumacher's movie sequel and wore this more comic book-inspired mask, which was on display at Warner Bros. Studios VIP Tour Museum in July 2014.

Deadshot mask from Suicide Squad
Suicide Squad Deadshot mask
A few years later and Will Smith's 'Deadshot' mask with monocle was on display at the same museum location from the 2016 movie, Suicide Squad.

Kate Hawley was Costume Designer on the DC Comics movie about a group of assassins, mercenaries and supervillains working for a shadowy government agency in exchange for a reduction in their prison sentences.

Enik the Altrusian mask from Land of the Lost
Land of Lost Enik Altrusian mask
In 2009 Will Ferrell starred in a big screen remake of Sid and Marty Krofft's 1974 television series, Land of the Lost.

This prosthetic head from the movie was worn by John Boylan as 'Erik the Altrusian', leader of the 'Sleestak' lizard humanoids and photographed on display at Universal Studios Hollywood theme park in April 2011.

Venetian masquerade masks from Eyes Wide Shut
Eyes Wide Shut Venetian masks
And finally for this assortment of screen-worn masks, this quintet of Venetian masquerade ball masks were featured in 1999's erotic psychological mystery drama from director Stanley Kubrik, Eyes Wide Shut.

Marit Allen was Costume Designer on this film starring Nicole Kidman (who wears the feathered mask) and Tom Cruise, and these masks were photographed at Stanley Kubrick's exhibit at L.A.'s County Museum of Art in January 2013.

I hope you've enjoyed these cinematic and TV treasures. Stay safe this festive season and make sure you wear an appropriate mask to protect yourself and others.

Friday, December 11, 2020

Screen-used costumes and props from musical movies and TV on display...

This time of year your mind may naturally go to holiday movies, but this it's also when many movie musicals traditionally open in cinemas. Here's a cool collection of costumes and props from the big and small screen, whether they be adaptations of successful stage productions or original theatrical musical offerings.

Anne Wheeler costume worn by Zendaya
and P. T. Barnum costume worn by Hugh Jackman
in The Greatest Showman
Greatest Showman movie costumes
First up are these costumes from The Greatest Showman which opened in the U.S. in December 2017 and starred Hugh Jackman as circus showman and entrepreneur 'P. T. Barham' and Zendaya as the acrobatic trapeze artist 'Anne Wheller'.

Ellen Mirojnick was Costume Designer on this original musical biopic and these circus performer costumes from the 1800s time period were photographed on display at Downtown L.A.'s FIDM Museum & Galleries in February 2018.

Fantine costume worn by Anne Hathaway
and Jean Valjean costume worn by Hugh Jackman
in Les Misérables
Les Miserables movie costumes
In 2012 the highly popular Broadway and West End of adaptation of Victor Hugo's 1862 novel, Les Misérables, came to cinema screens for Christmas starring the likes of Anne Hathaway as 'Fantine', Hugh Jackman' as 'Jean Valjean', Amanda Seyfried as 'Cosette', Eddie Redmayne as 'Marius' and Russell Crowe as 'Javert'.

Paco Delgado was Oscar-nominated for his Costume Design on the epic story set in 19th century France and these looks were photographed on display at the ever-changing, but now defunct NBC Universal Experience exhibition at Universal Studios Hollywood in July 2013.

Edna Turnblad costume worn by Harvey Fierstein
in Hairspray Live!
Harvey Fierstein Hairspray Live Edna Turnblad costume
In December 2016 NBC adapted the Hairspray musical based on John Water's classic 1988 film of the same name as a live musical event for television viewers.

In the special Harvey Fierstein reprised his role as 'Edna Turnblad', the mother of 1960s Baltimore teenager, 'Tracy', for which he won a Tony Award in the Broadway production.

Mary E. Vogt was Costume Designer on Hairspray Live! and was Emmy-nominated for her looks and this costume was photographed at L.A.'s FIDM Museum in August 2017. 

Can You Imagine That? costume worn by Emily Blunt
in Mary Poppins Returns
Emily Blunt Mary Poppins Returns costume
Christmas 2018 saw the return of the beloved magical British nanny to the big screen in Disney's Mary Poppins Returns.

Emily Blunt took over from Julie Andrews who made the role famous in the 1964 original based on P. L. Travers literary creation.

Sandy Powell was Costume Designer on the musical movie sequel and was nominated for an Academy Award for her Mary Poppins Returns costumes (photographed on display at Hollywood's El Capitan Theatre in January 2019), the same year she was also Oscar-nominated for The Favourite (thereby splitting her votes).

Mary Magdalene costume worn by Sara Bareilles
and Jesus costume worn by John Legend
in Jesus Christ Superstar in Concert
Jesus Christ Superstar in Concert costumes
Another musical that NBC adapted for television at Easter 2018 was Andrew Lloyd Webber's rock opera, Jesus Christ Superstar, with lyrics by Tim Rice.

John Legend played 'Jesus' and Sara Bareilles played 'Mary Magdalene', with Paul Tazewell's costume designs for Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert nominated for an Emmy and captured temporarily on display at L.A.'s FIDM Museum in August 2018.

Folies Bergere dancer costume worn in Nine
Nine Folies Bergere movie costume
In December 2009 the 1982 musical Nine, itself based on Federico Fellini's semi-autobiographical 1963 film 8 ½, was adapted for cinema audiences with an all-star cast including Daniel Day-Lewis, Kate Hudson, Marion Cotillard, Nicole Kidman, Penélope Cruz, Judi Dench, Fergie and Sophia Loren.

Colleen Atwood was Oscar-nominated for her Nine movie costumes and this Folies Bergere dancer outfit was photographed on display at ArcLight Sherman Oaks in December 2009.

Rapunzel costume worn by Mackenzie Mauzy
and Prince costume worn by Billy Magnussen
in Into the Woods
Into the Woods film costumes
At Christmastime 2014 Stephen Sondheim's 1986 Broadway musical Into the Woods was being adapted in big budget Hollywood style by Disney.

The fairytale fantasy featured an all-star cast including Meryl Streep as 'The Witch', plus Mackenzie Mauzy as 'Rapunzel' and Billy Magnussen as her 'Prince'.

Colleen Atwood was once again nominated for her Costume Design on Into the Woods and these outfits and more were snapped on display at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood in January 2015.

Captain Hook costumes worn by Christopher Walken
and pirate ship miniature in Peter Pan Live! 
Peter Pan Captain Hook costume pirate ship
For December 2014 NBC decided to televise another special musical event with Peter Pan Live! with Allison Williams in the titular role as the boy who never grew up and Christopher Walken as his arch-nemesis, 'Captain Hook'.

His pirate costume (designed by Catherine Zuber) and this miniature model from the special were photographed at Universal Studios Hollywood in May 2015.

Lumière costume worn by Ewan McGregor
in Beauty and the Beast
Ewan McGregor Beauty and The Beast Lumiere costume
In 2017 Disney made a live-action version of its beloved 1991 animated musical classic, Beauty and the Beast, starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens.

The billion dollar box office smash also starred Ewan McGregor was the enchanted candlestick, 'Lumière', and the costumes in the romantic fairytale were designed by Oscar nominee Jacqueline Durran.

This screen-used costume and candelabra prop were spotted at ArcLight Pasadena cinema in December 2016 to pre-promote the feature film released the following March.

Rosie costume worn by Julie Walters
and Bill costume worn by Stellan Skarsgård
in Mamma Mia! The Movie
Mamma Mia Movie costumes
And finally for this eclectic collection of movie wardrobes, these ABBA-esque outfits were worn by Julie Walters as 'Rosie' and Bill Skarsgård as 'Bill' in Mamma Mia! The Movie, adapted from the 1999 smash hit stage musical.

These fabulous costumes designed by Ann Roth for the 2008 romantic-comedy and were photographed on display at Universal Studios Hollywood in April 2012.

Hopefully this trip down memory lane will bring some joy this festive season, so if you need some holiday cheer this year these musicals with their singing, dancing and exquisite costumes should provide a welcome relief from reality at this moment. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Festive movie costumes and props to get you in the Christmas spirit...

If like me you love this time of the year, then you'll enjoy this assortment of festive costumes and props from the movies to help you get in the holiday spirit.

Babes in Toyland movie costumes
Babes in Toyland film costumes
First up are these classic costumes which evoke the winter season from Disney's 1961 festive musical, Babes in Toyland.

This joyful duo of costumes designed by Bill Thomas were worn by Tom Piper and Annette Funicello and photographed on display at the Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives temporary exhibit at The Reagan Library in California's Simi Valley in July 2012.

The Santa Clause 3 costume
Tim Allen Santa Clause 3 costume
Next up is a much more familiar 'Santa' outfit worn by Tim Allen in 2006's Disney Christmas comedy sequel, The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause.

Ingrid Ferrin was Costume Designer on the film and the big red suit was photographed on display along with Martin Short's Jack Frost costume at Disney's D23 Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center in California in August 2019.
The Grinch costume
Jim Carrey Grinch Santa suit
You can't think about the holiday season for long without thinking about Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

In the 2000 big screen adaptation Jim Carrey played the furry green creature menacing Whoville and Rita Ryack was Costume Designer on the live-action film.

The Grinch Max animatronic dog
Grinch Max animatronic dog
The Grinch's Santa suit and this animatronic dog named 'Max' with his faux reindeer antler, were photographed on display at Universal Studios Hollywood theme park from April 2011 to July 2012.

Jim Boulden was responsible for animatronics and Puppet Creator on this family fantasy comedy and you can see more masks, models, sets and props from The Grinch on this blog.

The Chronicles of Narnia White Witch costume
Tilda Swinton Lion Witch Wardrobe Jadis costume
Another film I also think about at Christmas is The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and 'The White Witch Jadis' who froze the magical land of Narnia in a Hundred Year Winter.

In the first installment of The Chronicles of Narnia from 2005, Tilda Swinton played the frosty sorceress and wore fierce costumes designed by Isis Mussenden, like this fur-coated costume on display at Disney's D23 Fan Expo 2019.

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms Shiver costume
Richard E Grant Nutcracker Four Realms Shiver costume
Keeping to the frosty theme and this next spellbinding costume belongs to 'Shiver' from 2018's The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.

Richard E. Grant played the icy Regent of the Snow Realm in the Disney fantasy film and his wintery attire was designed by Jenny Beavan and captured on display at ArcLight Sherman Oaks cinema in October 2018.

The Huntsman: Winter's War Freya costume
Emily Blunt Huntsman Winters War Freya costume
In 2016's The Huntsman: Winter's War, Emily Blunt played the the icy sorceress 'Freya', the younger sister of the evil 'Queen Ravenna'.

For this prequel to 2012's Snow White and the Huntsman, Colleen Atwood was the Oscar-nominated Costume Designer responsible for the magical medieval fantasy looks and it was photographed on display at Downtown L.A.'s FIDM Museum & Galleries in February 2017.

Anna and the Apocalypse movie costumes
Anna and Apocalypse movie costumes
And these costumes from the 2018 zombie musical, Anna and the Apocalypse, may not seem like the usual festive fare, but bloody snowmen and spiked candy canes aside, the undead carnage does take place around Christmastime.

This exhibit for the comedy-horror film with costumes designed by Fi Morrison was photographed at ArcLight Hollywood cinema in November 2018.

Love Actually movie costumes
Love Actually film costumes
One film I look forward to rewatching every Christmas is Richard Curtis' 2003 romantic comedy Love Actually, it just makes me laugh and cry and smile.

In the movie Bill Nighy plays an aging rock star named 'Billy Mack' hoping for one last hit with a Christmas-themed song and his music video is an homage to Robert Palmer's Addicted to Love and features women playing instruments clad in Santa's helper outfits, Billy's Video Vixens.

Joanna Johnston was Costume Designer on this heartwarming, hilarious and emotional movie and these costumes were photographed at the NBC Universal Experience that used to reside in the Lower Lot of Universal Studios Hollywood back in January 2015.

Noelle movie costumes
Anna Kendrick Noelle film costumes
And the final collection of festive costumes are from a more recent movie, this time the Disney+ original, Noelle starring Anna Kendrick as Santa's daughter.

'Noelle Kringle' looks right at home in these looks at the North Pole, but when she goes searching for her missing brother, the inheritor to Santa's gift-giving legacy, she looks a bit more out of place in Phoenix, Arizona.

Four movie costumes from Noelle designed by Gary Jones were photographed at Disney's D23 Expo 2019 to help launch Disney's new streaming platform.

So did they help? Did these wintery and Yuletide costumes and props help lift your festive spirits? Maybe revisiting some of these holiday movies can help distract you from the real world as we all stay safer at home, snug and warm this festive season.

Sunday, November 29, 2020

10 picture cars from the big screen on display...

With museums, cinemas, exhibitions and conventions shut down for the past eight months and likely for the foreseeable future, I thought it would be fun to revisit some of my previous finds from the big and small screen. Today I thought we could enjoy ten famous picture cars from the movie world of road trips, musicals, sci-fi, crime, comedy, action and super-heroics.

Grease Lightning 1946 Ford custom convertible from Grease
Grease Lightning 1946 Ford custom convertible
First up is the fantasy Grease Lightning from one of my all-time favourite musicals, 1978's Grease big screen adaptation. This cool car featured in the romantic comedy-musical's Greased Lightning dream sequence and at the end when Olivia Newton-John's 'Sandy' and John Travolta's 'Danny' miraculously fly off into the sky.

I snapped this fabulous auto on display at Hollywood's Madame Tussauds on loan from L.A.'s Petersen Automotive Museum in December 2012.

Optimus Prime Peterbilt Model-375 truck
from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Transformers Optimus Prime Peterbilt Model 379 truck
Next up is the leader of the Autobots, 'Optimus Prime', in truck mode from the 2009 live-action sequel, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

This big rig truck and other vehicles from the movie were photographed on display at ArcLight Hollywood cinema and beside the Cinerama Dome in June 2009, plus Optimus Prime and Bumblebee could also be spotted in a similar location in June 2011 for Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

1970 Ford Escort RS1600 from Fast & Furious 6
1970 Ford Escort Fast Furious 6 car
Back in May 2013, Universal Studios Hollywood theme park had the cars from Fast & Furious 6 on display, including this blue and white beauty driven by Paul Walker in the high-octane movie sequel.

Fans of the film franchise can also enjoy these other cars, costumes and props from the Fast & Furious movies.

Interpol Le Maximum car from Muppets Most Wanted
Muppets Most Wanted Interpol Le Maximum car
Next up is this fun little car prop from 2014's Muppets Most Wanted movie, driven by Ty Burrell's French Interpol agent 'Jean Pierre Napoleon'.

Make sure you check out more screen-used costumes and props from Muppets Most Wanted on display at Hollywood's El Capitan Theatre around the film's U.S. release.

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS from Jack Reacher
Jack Reacher 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS car
In December 2012 Tom Cruise starred as the titular 'Jack Reacher' in the movie adaptation of Lee Child's literary character.

He drove this 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS car in the film and it was photographed on display outside ArcLight Hollywood cinema that Christmas.

1963 VW Beetle from Herbie: Fully Loaded
Herbie Fully Loaded 1963 VW Beetle
In 2005 Lindsay Lohan starred in the movie Herbie: Fully Loaded, in which the Volkswagen Beetle with a  personality of its own headed to NASCAR with the actress for all-new adventures.

This 1963 VW Beetle was photographed alongside another 'Herbie' race car from 1997's made-for-TV movie, The Love Bug, at the Petersen Automotive Museum in July 2009.

1949 Jaguar from Gangster Squad
Gangster Squad 1949 Jaguar
2013's period crime drama, Gangster Squad, was set in L.A. during the 1940s when mob boss Mickey Cohen caused all kinds of trouble.

This sexy 1949 Jaguar driven by Emma Stone in the film was photographed at an exhibit to promoted the movie's theatrical release at the Petersen Automotive Museum in January 2013, and if you like this sleek motor be sure to check out more cars, costumes and props from Gangster Squad on display.

DeLorean time machine from the Back to the Future Trilogy
Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine
One of the most iconic cars from the world of cinema is undoubtedly the souped-up DeLorean from the Back to the Future movies, starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd.

This restored 'hero car' from the trilogy which spanned theatrical releases from 1985 to 1990 was photographed on display at Universal Studios Hollywood's Lower Lot in May 2013.

1966 Ford Thunderbird from Thelma & Louise
Thelma Louise 1966 Ford Thunderbird car
Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon made cinema history in the 1991 female buddy road trip to end all road trip movies, Thelma & Louise, when they cruised on their misadventures in this Thunderbird convertible.

This iconic movie car was spotted at the Petersen Automotive Museum in December 2012.

Stark Formula 1 race car from Iron Man 2
Iron Man 2 Stark Formula 1 race car
And finally for this collection of movie memorabilia, this Stark F1 race car was featured in Marvel Studios Iron Man 2 racing through the streets at the Circuit de Monaco in France, where Robert Downey Jr.'s genius inventor playboy 'Tony Stark' was attacked by supervillain 'Whiplash'.

This sporty race car was part of the Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives exhibition at The Reagan Library in August 2012.

I hope car enthusiasts and movie aficionados alike have enjoyed this eclectic collection of picture cars. Stay tuned in the future for another look at more cool screen-used costumes and props that I've spied on my travels over the years.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Cool picks from Prop Store's December 2020 Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction London...

Visitors to my blog, old or new, will surely get the impression that I have an appreciation for the craftsmanship, ingenuity, expertise and creativity that goes into the costumes, props and sets featured here. I like to celebrate the costume designers, seamstresses, tailors, artisans and production designers that help magic the magic come to life on the big and small screen. Another company that appreciates the artistry of the entertainment industry is Prop Store, and they are holding their seventh Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction in London on December 1 and 2, 2020, with over 900 rare and iconic lots from cinema and television for you to bid on. I've perused the latest Prop Store auction catalogue and these are some of my top picks that you may like to add to your collection of screen-used treasures from sci-fi to romantic comedy, supernatural fantasy to fairytales.

Headless Horseman costume worn by Christopher Walken
in Sleepy Hollow
Christopher Walken Sleepy Hollow Headless Horseman costume
Sleepy Hollow Headless Horseman costume collar
Sleepy Hollow Headless Horseman movie costume
Sleepy Hollow Headless Horseman costume detail
Sleepy Hollow Headless Horseman costume glove
Sleepy Hollow Headless Horseman costume boots
Sleepy Hollow Headless Horseman costume boot spurs
Sleepy Hollow Headless Horseman boot spur
Sleepy Hollow Headless Horseman costume back
Sleepy Hollow Headless Horseman costume cape
First up is this exquisite 'Headless Horseman' costume from 1999's Tim Burton fantasy horror, Sleepy Hollow film.

Colleen Atwood was Oscar nominated for her designs on this movie and you can really see why with this ornate outfit, from the floor-length cape, to the double-headed dragon motif on the chest to the thigh-high boots, large patterned belt buckle and demonic-looking boot spurs.

This costume is truly haunting and is estimated to sell for between £30,000 to £50,000 when auctioned.

Book of the Dead prop from The Mummy
Mummy Book of the Dead movie prop
Mummy Book of Dead prop pages
Mummy Book of Dead prop pages
Mummy Book of the Dead prop clasps
Mummy Book of Dead film prop
Keeping to the supernatural theme and another movie from 1999, this Book of the Dead hero prop was used in Stephen Sommers' action-adventure, The Mummy. This Egyptian artifact was accidentally used to raise the ancient priest 'Imhotep' from the grave.

I've actually seen this Book of the Dead prop from the treasure hunting movie on display at Universal Studios Hollywood back in 2009, alongside other costumes and props from the film.

This impressive book prop features ornate vulture-like clasps, twelve tablet pages covered in hieroglyphics and scarab beetle key lock design is expected to reach an estimated £20,000 to £30,000.

Peter Banning's Pan costume worn by Robin Williams
in Hook
Robin Williams Hook Pan film costume
Robin Williams Hook Pan costume
Robin Williams Hook Pan film costume back
Robin Williams Hook Pan film costume
The next costume comes from Steven Spielberg's 1991 fantasy adventure Hook, in which Robin Williams played a grown up 'Peter Pan' named 'Peter Banning' who had forgotten his magical youthful spirit.

There's something nostalgic and simple about this leafy costume design by Anthony Powell, who was nominated for an Academy Award for his work on this fairytale movie.

This suede costume is a must-have for fans of the beloved comic actor and is expected to sell for £10,000 to £15,000.

Fans of the movie can also check out this cool Bowling Ball Kid prop from Hook that I once saw on display at the Planet Hollywood Cafe in Las Vegas.

R5 Droid from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
Star Wars Rise of Skywalker R5 Droid
Star Wars Rise of Skywalker R5 Droid
Star Wars Rise of Skywalker R5 Droid
Star Wars Rise of Skywalker R5 Droid
Star Wars Rise of Skywalker R5 Droid back
The next amazing prop comes from a galaxy far, far away from the recent Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker installment, and it's a remote-controlled, light-up R5 Droid.

Alongside a working Dalek from Doctor Who, this would be a wish list Christmas present considering I was huge Star Wars fan growing up in the 1970s and 80s and I always loved all the other background Driods featured in the cinematic universe.

This working orange, white and blue R5 astromech Droid from the 2019 movie could be yours for £20,000 to £30,000.

Juliet's wedding dress worn by Keira Knightley
in Love Actually
Keira Knightley Love Actually Juliet wedding dress
Love Actually Juliet wedding dress feather headdress
Love Actually Juliet wedding outfit detail
Love Actually Juliet wedding outfit brooch detail
Keira Knightley Love Actually Juliet wedding dress
Keira Knightley Love Actually Juliet wedding dress back
At this time of year my mind always turns to the films I'll rewatch over the holiday season, and Richard Curtis' 2003 romantic comedy, feel-good festive movie, Love Actually, is always top of that must-see list. That's why this wedding dress outfit worn by Keira Knightley as 'Juliet' stood out in the auction catalogue.

Joanna Johnston was Costume Designer on this film and this organza and lace outfit was custom-made for the production, including a feather headdress.

This piece of cinema history could be yours for £3,000 to £5,000, and you can see more Love Actually movie costumes when they were on display at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Times are tough for many at the moment, but these items are one-of-a-kind treasures and I know how passionate collectors can be about their favourite movies and TV shows.

2020 has been a miserable year, so if you wanted to splurge on something fun that has special meaning to you and would make you happy, why not.