Sunday, September 4, 2011

Guy Williams Zorro TV costumes from the 1950's on display...

Disney's D23 Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center on August 19, 2011, had this wonderful selection of original costumes from the 1950's Disney Zorro TV series worn by Guy Williams, as the titular masked hero and his alter-ego 'Don Diego de la Vega'.

Guy Williams Zorro TV costume
on display at Disney's D23 Expo
Zorro Guy Williams costumeZorro Guy Williams TV costumeZorro TV costumeZorro Guy Williams TV costume
Guy Williams Zorro costumeZorro Guy Williams TV costume
Set during the Spanish Colonial era of California, the masked vigilante dressed in black and favoured the rapier and bullwhip as his weapons of choice.

The cunning Zorro, which is Spanish for 'fox', sported a flowing cape, cowled mask and flat-brimmed gaucho or Cordobes hat.

The Sign of Zorro movie poster
Zorro movie poster
In the TV series which ran from 1957 to 1959, Chuck Keehne was Costume Designer. Eight episodes of the Disney show were also edited together to make 1958's 'The Sign of Zorro' movie.

Costumes worn by Guy Williams as Don Diego de la Vega
Zorro Don Diego TV costumes
Don Diego Zorro TV costumes
Don Diego Zorro TV outfits
Don Diego Zorro TV costumes
Zorro Don Diego TV costumes
Don Diego Zorro TV outfit
The Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives exhibit also showcased these colourful outfits worn by Guy Williams as the foppish nobleman Don Diego de la Vega, who pretends to be the most inept swordsman in California to hide his secret identity.

Sergeant Garcia's trousers with the distinctive mark of Zorro
Zorro Sergeant Garcia trousersZorro Sergeant Garcia trousers
Also on display were the trousers worn by Henry Calvin as 'Sergeant Demetrio Lopez Garcia' with Zorro's infamous calling card sliced into them

Outfits worn by George J. Lewis and Gene Sheldon in Zorro
Zorro TV costumesDon Alejando de la Vega Zorro costumeZorro 1950's TV costumes
Finally, also a part of the television exhibit was the costume worn by George J. Lewis as 'Don Alejandro de la Vega', Zorro's father, and the outfit that transformed Gene Sheldon into 'Bernado', Zorro's mute servant.

The Sign of Zorro movie poster
Zorro poster


  1. Amo a guy williams es el hombre perfecto lastima que es de otra época ... :(

  2. Fantastic. Thanks for posting these pictures. Zorro series is so special. Guy Williams will always be the only Zorro.

  3. Great, I was so impressed with the display of outfits that were worn in the series
    and the excellent condition of them as well.The studio has done a a fine job with those displays,they really stand out in every way for the public to view.

  4. Excellent customes! Fantasticos! Armando Catalano (Guy Williams) el mejor Don Diego y El Zorro! Beautiful suits! Bravo! Viva Guy Williams y El Zorro!

    Armando from Tucson, Arizona

  5. Thanks for the pictures ! One of the best TV series ever. Memorable cast !

    Leandro from Brazil

  6. Thanks for the pictures ! Memorable cast !

  7. Excelente seriado. Pena não termos mais com esta qualidade.

  8. Armando Joseph Catalano Guy Williams a.k.a Don Diego Dela Vega...The one and Only Zorro I love and vote for.The best! Rest in Peace,beloved 💖🌹

  9. great photos, thanks for sharing :D