Thursday, October 13, 2011

Noisy Boy animatronic robot from Real Steel on display...

A mix of Computer Generated Animation and animatronics are used to bring the futuristic world of robot boxing to life in Real Steel. Hugh Jackman plays 'Charlie Kenton', a human ex-boxer and small time robot fighting promoter.

Noisy Boy and Atom robots from Real Steel
on display at Hollywood's El Capitan Theatre
Animatronic Real Steel robotsNoisy Boy Real Steel robotAnimatronic Real Steel robots
In the movie, after his robot 'Ambush' is destroyed when fighting a bull, he needs a new robot and buys 'Noisy Boy', who was once a contender on the World Robot Boxing scene.
Real Steel Noisy Boy robotOriginal Real Steel animatronic robots
Noisy boy costs $45,000 and to raise the money Charlie pretty much sells his son 'Max', who he's not seen in over ten years, relinquishing custody to the boy's rich aunt and her husband.
Real Steel animatronic robots El Capitan display
Unfortunately Noisy Boy gets ripped apart fighting the vicious robot 'Midas' and afterwards Charlie sells his head as a trophy for $400.

Real Steel Noisy Boy robot poster
Noisy Boy Real Steel poster
Victor Martinez was the movie's lead concept artist and the robot designer responsible for creating many of the humanoid robots unique looks. The live-action animatronic robots, including Noisy Boy pictured here, were created by Animatronic Supervisor, John Rosengrant, and the team at Legacy Effects.

Real Steel's Noisy Boy robot on display
Real Steel Noisy Boy robotNoisy Boy Real Steel animatronic robotNoisy Boy Real Steel animatronic robotNoisy Boy Real Steel animatronic robot
I love the Japanese Samurai look of this robot and think it's easily one of the most exciting robot designs in the movie.

Real Steel movie poster
Real Steel movie poster
Apparently the designer Victor Martinez wanted this sleek and flashy robot to incorporate elements of Tokyo's night lights combined with the super graphics of Shinjuku, which his armour is adorned with. His LED forearm displays also flash words like 'NOISY', 'BOY' and 'POW' and 'BAM' when he punches something.

Noisy Boy's changing LED forearms
Noisy Boy animatronic robot Real Steel movieNoisy Boy robot arm Real SteelNoisy Boy Real Steel robot
Other parts of his body are banded or striped to give the impression that his armour acts like shock absorbers.
Real Steel Noisy Boy robot
Noisy Boy is controlled by voice command via a headset. Check out the control headset and more original props from Real Steel here at Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props.

These photographs were taken at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood on October 12, where the Real Steel robots will be on display until October 19, 2011.


  1. Is Noisy BOy for sale? Interested collector willing to buy prop

  2. dude! I gotta have ATom!.........sadly I do believe he isn't for sale :(

  3. when 4 sale me want 1!!!

  4. I NEED NOISYBOY!!!!!!!


  6. As I've mentioned before I don't sell, hire or rent costumes/props, I simply blog about what I come across on my travels.

  7. I want noisy boy now!!!!!!!!!

  8. If this is real I'd pay for it also a huge toy with a remote I also a big fan of the move is he really huge like they say he is? A 10 or 15 feet tall.

  9. How much is he worth? And is he really huge and controled by a remote?I'd love to have one .

  10. I like Atom and Noisy boy. How long did it take to make them do you know?

    1. This article has more fun detail about how they were built...

  11. Id like the people to make them both to id litterly do anything to get them to make me them

  12. Plzz developers make me both of them plzzz I'll do anything for them


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