Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New costume and prop exhibits at Universal Studios Hollywood...

This week I took my regular pilgrimage to Universal Studios Hollywood to check out their latest costume and prop exhibits.

Original movie costumes and props on display
at Universal Studios Hollywood in March 2011
Universal movie costumesMovie models, prosthetics and animatronicsUniversal movie costume display
The archivists who maintain the permanent exhibit change the outfits, models and memorabilia around three times a year to keep it looking fresh and to help showcase more recent movies, like Hop, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Jane Eyre and The Eagle.

Concept drawings from Hop on display
Hop movie concept drawings
In addition to the fantastic movie costumes and props, there was also a great selection of memorabilia from NBC television shows from past and present, like The Munsters and Heroes, along with more from the world of comedy, sci-fi, crime, sports and drama.

Original NBC TV show costumes and props on display
Universal NBC TV costume exhibit
Munsters and Heroes TV costumesNBC TV costume exhibit
Over the coming days Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props will be showcasing each of these fantastic items from behind-the-scenes of Hollywood, including:

Max dog animatronic from The Grinch, plus other models and props
Plus much more to intrigue casual observers and delight fans of the shows and movies.

Original TV and movie props on display
Original Universal Studios movie props
There were original props on display from the small screen, like Heroes, and from movies like Little Fockers, The Grinch, Jane Eyre and The Eagle.

Mini Cooper movie car from The Bourne Identity
Bourne Identity Mini Cooper movie car
On this occasion they also had this Austin Mini Cooper from the infamous car chase scenes in 2002's The Bourne Identity included in the exhibit. Be sure to also check out more photos of this picture car and the Honda motorcycle from The Bourne Ultimatum when they were displayed outside in the Upper Lot of the theme park.
Universal Studios Hollywood
Universal Studios Hollywood
These costumes and props were photographed on display on March 28, 2011 at Universal Studios Hollywood, but be sure to also check out exhibits from January 2011, June 2010, and February 2010.

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