Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Original movie props from My Soul To Take...

In addition to having the actual costumes worn in My Soul To Take, Universal's House of Horrors at Universal Studios Hollywood also had a great assortment of original props from the horror movie on display for the theme park visitors to enjoy.
Original props featured in My Soul To Take on display
My Soul To Take Britney movie props
Knife prop My Soul To Take
Condor puppet prop My Soul To Take
My Soul To Take stunt knife
Wes Craven's horror movie from 2010 features the 'Ripper', who apparently returns to his hometown to stalk and kill seven teenage kids who were born on the same day that he allegedly died sixteen years previously.

My Soul To Take movie poster
My Soul To Take poster

Largest knife in the kitchen movie prop from My Soul To Take
Kitchen knife prop My Soul To Take
First up is this bloody butcher knife used by 'Bug' (Max Thieriot) in the movie to save himself.

Stunt vengeance knife prop from My Soul To Take
My Soul To Take knife propMy Soul To Take vengeance knife prop
Next is the stunt hook bladed vengeance knife used by Raul Esparza as 'Abel Plankov', the original 'Riverton Ripper', a family man who suffers from a murderous multiple personality disorder.

Smashed hobby horse prop from My Soul To Take
My Soul To Take hobby horse propMy Soul To Take smashed horse prop
Bug, also known as 'Adam', smashes this hobby horse in a symbolic gesture with his sister 'Fang' in the movie, as it was made by their murderous father Abel, sixteen years earlier.

Abandoned Condor puppet prop featured in My Soul To Take
My Soul To Take puppet propMy Soul To Take condor puppet prop
Also on display was Bug's abandoned 'Condor' sock puppet for his school project on the California Condor. Be sure to also check out the Condor costume he later makes from the movie.

Britney's purse prop from My Soul To Take
My Soul To Take Britney purse prop
Finally here's the purse belonging to 'Britney', of one of the victims of the Ripper.
Universal's House of Horrors
Universal's House of Horrors
All these horror movie props were photographed on display at Universal's House of Horrors on February 28, 2011.


  1. I Love that purse. Was it made just for the movie or is it avaible to buy somewhere?? :)


  2. was this an actual event

  3. I don't understand what you mean by event? The costumes and props from the movie were on display within the entrance of Universal's House of Horrors to promote the new movie


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