Monday, September 30, 2013

The Master and Time Lord costumes from Doctor Who on display...

As the 50th anniversary celebrations are fast approaching for Doctor Who and because so many of the otherworldly outfits featured in the British sci-fi show would make for fabulous Halloween costumes I thought I'd showcase as many as I can in the next few days, including these rather theatrical Gallifreyan Time Lord costumes.

Original Time Lord costumes featured in TV's Doctor Who
Doctor Who Time Lord costumes
Doctor Who Time Lord costumes
Doctor Who Time Lord TV costumes
These robes worn by the alien race of long-lived Time Lords the 'Doctor' belongs to, including his deadly nemesis 'The Master', were photographed on display at the Doctor Who Experience exhibit in Cardiff Bay, Wales on May 20, 2013.

Original Time Lord costume from 
1976's The Deadly Assassin episodes
Doctor Who 1976 Time Lord costume
Time Lord costume Doctor Who Deadly Assassin
Prydonian Chapter Time Lord costume Doctor Who
Original 1976 Time Lord costume Doctor Who
When the Fourth Doctor (played by Tom Baker) returned alone to his home planet Gallifrey in 1976's The Deadly Assassin serial, the Time Lords wore these ceremonial robes and accessories designed by James Acheson.

The iconic look of the Time Lords, with their distinctive high collar and cap, has subsequently returned in stories featuring the Doctor's peers. Apparently the red colour of the robes marks the wearer as part of the 'Prydonian Chapter' of the Time Lords, to which the Doctor once belonged.

The Master costume worn by Eric Roberts 
in the 1996 Doctor Who: TV movie
Master costume Doctor Who TV movie
Eric Roberts Master costume 1996 Doctor Who TV movie
Eric Roberts The Master costume Doctor Who
After an absence from our screens of seven years, Doctor Who regenerated as the Eighth Doctor played by Paul McGann and once again faced off against his deadly enemy, The Master.

In this 1996 TV movie incarnation the scheming Time Lord was played by Eric Roberts. This is one of the costumes worn by the actor designed by Jori Woodman, which echoes the look of the classic Time Lords, but with a more oriental theme. Apparently this robe outfit was long thought lost after the TV movie was not a ratings success, so had never before been displayed in public until the Doctor Who Experience exhibition.

If you like The Master's outfit, be sure to also check out the Eighth Doctor Who costume on display. 

Time Lord President costume worn by Timothy Dalton 
in 2009's The End of Time
Timothy Dalton Time Lord President costume Doctor Who
Time Lord President costume Doctor Who
Doctor Who Time Lord President costume
Timothy Dalton Time Lord President costume Doctor Who
For the Tenth Doctor's (David Tennant) last adventure he discovered the fate of the Time Lords as they returned in 2009's The End of Time episode, where the merciless 'Time Lord President' was played by former 'James Bond', Timothy Dalton.

His flowing ornate robes were updated from the classic design by Louise Page, to reflect the horrors experienced fighting in the Time War by being worn over military gear.

If you're a fellow Whovian or want more costume inspiration for Halloween, be sure to take a look at these other Doctor Who costumes and creatures on display.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Fast & Furious Lucas Black and Vin Diesel movie costumes on display...

The Fast & Furious movie franchise continues to motor along at full throttle and it even seems to be picking up speed in the latter installments, proving the films are as popular as ever. The cars and costumes from the movies always seem to be popular sights here at Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props too, so here's two more outfits worn by Lucas Black and Vin Diesel in the movies on display at Universal Studios Hollywood on July 30, 2013.

Original Fast and Furious costumes on display
Fast andFurious movie costume exhibit Universal Studios Hollywood
Sean Boswell Dom Toretto costumes Fast Furious movies
Fast and Furious movie costumes
Vin Diesel Dom Toretto Fast & Furious 6 jacket
Lucas Black Vin Diesel Fast Furious film costumes
Sean Boswell shoe Fast Furious Tokyo Drift
The Japanese school uniform outfit on the left is worn by Lucas Black as 'Sean Boswell' in 2006's The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, the third movie, whilst the costume on the right is worn by Vin Diesel as 'Dom Toretto' in the latest 2013 film, Fast & Furious 6.

Interestingly Sanja Milkovic Hays has been Costume Designer on every single Fast and Furious film so far.

If you're a fan of the movies, be sure to also check out these original cars featured in Fast & Furious 6, along with a life-size waxwork of Vin Diesel.

Plus whilst you're at it, take a look at Michelle Rodriguez and Jordanna Brewster's Fast & Furious costumes too.

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift movie poster
Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift movie poster

Monday, September 23, 2013

Original Prisoners film costumes and props on display...

On Saturday night I saw Prisoners and thought it was an engrossing and intense movie from start to finish and never lost me once during the two hours and twenty-three minutes.

Original costumes and props from Prisoners on display
Prisoners movie costume display
Screen used Prisoners movie props
Original Prisoners film props
To promote the opening of the gripping movie about two families whose young daughters are abducted at Thanksgiving, the ArcLight Hollywood cinema had this cool exhibit of original costumes and props from the film. Once you see the film you'll realise what a nice touch the maze-like background is for the displays which I photographed on September 21, 2013.

Prisoners movie poster
Prisoners movie poster
These costumes from the movie are worn by Jake Gyllenhaal as the investigating Conyers, Pennsylvania Police Detective 'Wayne Loki', plus by Hugh Jackman as 'Keller Dover', the distraught father of one of the kidnapped six year-old girls, who'll do almost anything to get his child back.

Costumes worn by Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman in Prisoners
Jake Gyllenhaal Hugh Jackman Prisoners movie costumes
Jake Gyllenhaal Detective Loki Prisoners film costume
Hugh Jackman Keller Dover Prisoners film costume
Original Prisoners movie costumes
An interesting character quirk of Jake Gyllenhaal 'Detective Loki is that he wears his top shirt button done up with no tie, which is a slightly odd look.

Meanwhile Hugh Jackman character is a religious family man and the owner of a struggling carpentry business. He's also a hunter and firm believer in being prepared and is a bit of a survivalist, hoarding supplies in his basement.

Renée April is Costume Designer on Prisoners and she's clothed both actors in the past, in the films Source Code and The Fountain.

Screen-used movie props from Prisoners on display
Prisoners movie prop exhibit
Detective Loki Prisoners movie props
Screen used Detective Loki Prisoners film props
Original Prisoners film props
Prisoners Drivers License toy camper van watch props
Prisoners ID toy camper van movie props
Also on display with the costumes was an eclectic collection of props featured in the movie. 

They included the police badge, business cards, car keys, notebook and pen used by Jake Gyllenhaal as 'Detective Loki', plus a toy camper van which resembles the vehicle used to abduct the children and is part of the evidence in the investigation.
Prisoners movie props
Prisoners cross wedding ring movie props
Hugh Jackman Keller Dover Pennsylvania Drivers License Prisoners prop
Prisoners cross wedding ring movie props
In addition there were props used by Hugh Jackman, including a Pennsylvania Driver's License for 'Keller Timothy Dover' and I believe a wooden cross and wedding band belonging to his religious married character.

I highly recommend this compelling thriller, although if you're a parent yourself you may not enjoy it so much.

If you're a fan of Hugh Jackman, be sure to check out these Real Steel movie costumes and props, plus his Jean Valjean prisoner costume from Les Misérables on display.

Meanwhile if you're an admirer of Jake Gyllenhaal, take a look at his cool Dastan costume from Prince of Persia.

Prisoners movie poster
Prisoners movie poster

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Favourite male movie costumes to inspire your Halloween look...

In the past five years I really have seen a wide spectrum of costume exhibits from the big and small screen, here are some of my all time favourites from the eclectic worlds of fantasy, fairytale, sci-fi and comic books. Hopefully one of these ten supercool outfits from my archives will help guys choose their Halloween look, or at the very least inspire you, for this year's festivities.

Enchanted's Prince Edward
Prince Edward Enchanted movie costume
One of my favourite outfits on display at the Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives at The Reagan Library in Simi Valley last July was this comedic take on the classic fairytale 'Prince Charming' look, worn by James Marsden as the prancing 'Prince Edward' in 2007's Enchanted.

I love the rich purple colour, overblown shoulders and embroidered family crest of this tongue-in-cheek regal costume designed by Mona May.

Nite Owl II
Nite Owl II Watchmen movie costume
At the beginning of March 2009 I had the pleasure of seeing most of the principal character costumes from Zack Snyder's Watchmen movie adaptation on display in all their glory (and not hidden behind any reflective cases) at ArcLight Hollywood and Sherman Oaks cinemas.

In addition to the sexy Silk Spectre II outfit, I really loved this Nite Owl II costume the most, which is worn in the movie by Patrick Wilson. The whole ensemble is obviously an homage to Batman, although being coppery brown you can see the detail on this superhero costume much more than on the black bat-suits.

If you like this costume, be sure to also check out Ozymandius, Rorschach and The Comedian's movie costumes from Watchmen designed by Michael Wilkinson.
Dark Knight Rises Batman costume
Speaking of the Caped Crusader, even though I'm a confirmed Marvel Comics not DC Comics fan, how could I not be excited seeing Christian Bale's Batman costume from The Dark Knight Rises up close at ArcLight Hollywood last July.

I can't help but think that the bat-suit looks really heavy, so it's amazing that the actors can move around in these bulky costumes, let alone film whole action sequences in them.
Brandon Routh Superman Returns costume
Another iconic DC Comics costume, the Superman suit worn by Brandon Routh in 2006's Superman Returns, was on display at the London Film Museum in May 2012.

I much prefer this update on the classic red, yellow and red caped costume than the recent darker version costume that Henry Cavill wore as Superman in Man of Steel. I think it's because of my belief that superheroes should be allowed to wear their underwear over their tights, it's how they were conceived and drawn for decades and I'm totally able to suspend my disbelief about the impracticality of it, because to me it signifies an iconic superhero design.

Dastan Prince of Persia
Jake Gyllenhaal Dastan Prince of Persia costume
Thinking of heroes of another kind and in 2010 Jake Gyllenhaal starred as 'Dastan', the Prince of Persia in Disney's cinematic adaptation of the successful sand and sandals adventure video game franchise. Even though the movie didn't perform that well at the box office I still loved his armoured-leather costume (although it helps if you have the muscular body to fill it), which I saw displayed in multiple locations, including the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood.

If you're a fan of the character, be sure to check out even more costumes and props from Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, including cool 'Tamina' and 'Nazim' costumes.
Guy Williams TV Zorro costume
Another costume I really enjoyed seeing in person was this simple, yet classic, Zorro outfit worn by Guy Williams in the 1950's TV series (I remember watching re-runs of the mainly black and white show when I was growing up).

I saw this Chuck Keehne designed costume on display at the Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives exhibit at the D23 Expo 2011 in Anaheim, California.

Narnia's Peter Pevensie
Peter Pevensie battle armour Prince Caspian
Another costume which looked great up close was this classic medieval knight battle armour worn by William Moseley as 'Peter Pevensie' in the second cinematic installment of The Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian from 2008.

If you like this outfit and weapon props, you really check out these other costumes and battle armours from Prince Caspian designed by Isis Mussenden on display at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida in September 2010.
Bruce Boxleitner Tron movie costume
Probably one of the best displayed collection of costumes, were these original outfits from Disney's classic 1982 sci-fi film, Tron. The blacklight lighting used at the D23 Expo 2011 was a great way to showcase the futuristic designs by Elois Jenssen and Rosanna Norton, including this actual 'Tron' costume worn by Bruce Boxleitner as the heroic computer program.

Mad Hatter
Johnny Depp Mad Hatter Alice in Wonderland costume
Speaking of Disney, it's no wonder that Colleen Atwood won the Oscar for Best Costume Design for Tim Burton's 2010 adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. Her eccentric designs for Johnny Depp's 'Mad Hatter' were especially spot on, right down to the sewing thread sash.

If you like this outfit, be sure to check out Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter battle costume where he sported a kilt, plus other fabulous original costumes from Alice in Wonderland.

Iron Man briefcase armour
Iron Man Mark V briefcase armour
And my final choice is Iron Man's Mark V briefcase armour that featured in Iron Man 2 when the armored Avenger is attacked by 'Whiplash' at the Monaco Grand Prix. It was initially digitally created for the Marvel sequel, but was recreated as a full-size replica by Legacy Effects and featured in the Hall of Armour set alongside Tony Stark's other suits of armour in Iron Man 3.

I know the set was first exhibited at San Diego Comic-Con, but I was lucky enough to see it later at Disneyland before the movie opened earlier this summer. I think I love this design so much as I've always wondered how Tony Stark could possibly keep a bulky high-tech suit of armour in a briefcase, but this special version really helped make it seem feasible.

If none of the outfits featured here are your cup of tea, maybe you should also take a look at these 10 Halloween costume ideas for men inspired by the film and TV exhibits I've seen in the last twelve months.

Happy hunting whether you hire, buy or make your own Halloween look, and be sure to come back soon for even more cool film costumes and props on display.