Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Top Picks from Prop Store's first L.A. Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction...

This August 26 - 27, 2020, Prop Store will hold its first ever L.A. Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction. The event will feature 870 lots of iconic film and TV costumes, props, models, cars and more from over 350 movies and television titles. Whether you like sci-fi, fantasy, horror, biopics, spy or comedy genres, it's your chance to own screen-used treasures from films like Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Alien, Top Gun, The Hunger Games, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, Ghostbusters, Power Rangers, Star Wars and TV series like Star Trek, LOST, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica and more besides. As always I've perused Prop Store's impressive auction catalogue and highlighted the cinematic and televisual treats that caught my magpie eye.

Hawk costume worn by Thom Christopher
in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
Thom Christopher Hawk costume Buck Rogers
Buck Rogers Hawk TV costume
Hawk TV costume detail Buck Rogers
Hawk TV costume Buck Rogers
First up is a costume from one of my favourite sci-fi shows from the 1980s, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. This black costume and feathered skull cap was worn by Thom Christopher as 'Hawk', the alien half-bird, half-human warrior from the series second season in 1981.

Al Lehman was Costume Designer on the television series and this costume, which is a mix of authentic and replica pieces, also comes with Hawk's screen-used blaster and could be yours for an estimated $6,000 to $8,000.

Fellow fans of the series can also check out these other costumes and props from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.

Freeman Lowell costume worn by Bruce Dern
in Silent Running
Bruce Dern Silent Running Freeman Lowell costume
Silent Running Freeman Lowell costume detail
Silent Running Freeman Lowell costume
Silent Running Freeman Lowell costume back
Another slice of science fiction I remember from my childhood is the 1972 movie, Silent Running. In director Douglas Trumbull's movie, Bruce Dern plays the lonely ecologist 'Freeman Lowell' who maintains a greenhouse of the last botanical life from a post-apocalyptic Earth on the Valley Forge spacecraft, helped in his efforts by a small human crew and a trio of robot drone companions. When asked to destroy the geodesic bio-domes of flora he and his mechanical friends rebel against the orders.

I have such vivid memories of this movie with its environmentally-friendly message, and this blue ribbed Bogner jumpsuit with its 23 National Parks and other patches is one of them.

This classic sci-fi costume is estimated to sell for $10,000 to $15,000 in the live auction.

Nostromo principal filming model miniature from Alien
Nostromo filming model miniature Alien
Alien Nostromo filming model miniature
Nostromo filming model miniature Alien
Nostromo filming model miniature Alien
Keeping with the space theme, and one of the most exciting items to be auctioned this August is the principal Nostromo spaceship filming model miniature from Ridley Scott's 1979 Alien movie.

Designed by Ron Cobb and Chris Foss, the deep space tug-ship which housed Sigourney Weaver's 'Ellen Ripley' and the rest of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation crew, is a stark contrast between H. R. Giger's more organic alien environment designs.

Built so it would look good from any shooting angle, the 11-foot filming model miniature is expected to sell for $300,000 to $500,000 and I'm sure would be a handsome addition, a crown jewel, in an Alien franchise fan's collection.

Judge Dredd costume worn by Sylvester Stallone
and stunt double
Judge Dredd movie costume
Judge Dredd helmet costume
Judge Dredd movie costume
Judge Dredd film costume
Growing up in Britain and seeing 2000 AD comics at the newsstand, it's no wonder I was drawn to this next screen-used costume from 1995's big screen adaptation of Judge Dredd.

Sylvester Stallone played the titular role of 'Judge Jospeh Dredd', a street judge able to arrest, convict, sentence and execute offenders in the futuristic dystopian world of crime-rddiden metropolis Mega-City 1.

Based on Judge Dredd's iconic comic book look, Stallone apparently asked famed fashion designer Gianni Versace to tackle the blinged-out design of the judge costume.

This costume includes original elements worn by the actor, plus components used by stunt double Ignacio Carreno, and is anticipated to fetch $12,000 to $16,000 at auction.

Maverick fighter pilot helmet worn by Tom Cruise
in Top Gun
Tom Cruise Top Gun Maverick fighter pilot helmet
Tom Cruise Top Gun Maverick fighter pilot helmet
Top Gun Maverick fighter pilot helmet
Top Gun Maverick fighter pilot helmet back
My next pick is from the 1986 Tom Cruise movie, Top Gun. In the classic movie he played 'Pete "Maverick" Mitchell', an ace U.S. Navy fighter pilot known for his renegade behavior.

With a sequel to the beloved action movie coming next year, delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic, this helmet is even more timely and is estimated to sell for a whopping $50,000 to $70,000.
V stunt costume from V for Vendetta
V for Vendetta movie costume
V for Vendetta film costume
V for Vendetta movie costume belt
V for Vendetta film costume
The final costume that caught my eye, and there were several others I'd love to own myself, was this stunt 'V' costume from the 2005's adaptation of political dystopian thriller, V for Vendetta.

Based on the DC comic series by Alan Moore and David Lloyd, the masked anarchist and freedom fighter was played in the movie by Hugo Weaving.

There's something about an anti-hero in a Guy Fawkes mask fighting an oppressive British government which seems even more timely than ever these days.

This caped black ensemble with its wide-brimmed felt hat could be yours for around $30,000 to $50,000.

As you can see from my curated selection, there are some truly unique items coming to auction this month. Make sure you visit Prop Store's website to browse the full collection included in the upcoming live L.A. auction before all the props, costumes and other entertainment memorabilia goes under the hammer.