Friday, December 1, 2023

10 screen-worn costumes to keep you warm these cold winter months...

With the nights drawing in and temperatures plunging as we rush headfirst into the Holidays I thought it would be fun to share a collection of screen-used cosy costumes from the big and small screen to warm your heart. Enjoy this eclectic collection of warming wardrobe treasures from the worlds of fantasy, biopics, westerns, period drama and more.

Jon Snow costume worn by Kit Harington
in Game of Thrones
Jon Snow Game of Thrones costume
First up is Kit Harington's 'Jon Snow' costume from the seventh season of television's epic fantasy drama, Game of Thrones.

Michele Clapton was the Emmy-winning Costume Designer on the series, so as "winter is coming", be sure to check out more Game of Thrones costumes on display.

Hugh Glass costume worn by Leonardo DiCaprio
in The Revenant
Leonardo DiCaprio Revenant movie costume
Next up is Leonardo DiCaprio's 'Hugh Glass' costume from 2015's Frontier revenge drama, The Revenant.

Jacqueline West was Oscar-nominated for her Costume Design on this movie, so be sure to check out more screen-used costumes from The Revenant.

Elton John costume worn by Taron Egerton
in Rocketman
Elton John pimp movie costume Rocketman
This pimp fur coat looks like it kept Taron Egerton snug as 'Elton John' in the 2019 movie biopic, Rocketman.

Julian Day is Costume Designer on the movie charting Elton John's early life and iconic music career, so be sure to check out more Rocketman film costumes on display.

Carol Aird costume worn by Cate Blanchett
in Carol
Cate Blanchett Carol movie costume
Cate Blanchett was looking luxurious in her fur coat for her period lesbian love story, Carol, based on Patricia Highsmith's The Price of Salt novel.

Sandy Powell was Oscar-nominated for her designs on this 2015 movie, so be sure to check out more Carol movie costumes.

Princess Margaret costume worn by Vanessa Kirby
in The Crown
Princess Margaret costume Crown season 2
Vanessa Kirby's 'Princess Margaret' was keeping warm in her day coat to combat the inclement British weather in Netflix's historical royal drama, The Crown.

Jane Petrie is Costume Designer on the sophomore season, so be if you're a fan of the regal drama take a closer look at these costumes from The Crown on display.

Daisy Domergue costume worn by Jennifer Jason Leigh
in The Hateful Eight
Daisy Domergue Hateful Eight movie costume
Jennifer Jason Leigh was wrapped up warm to survive the snowy wilds of post-Civil War Wyoming as 'Daisy Domergue' in Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight.

Courtney Hoffman is Costume Designer on the 2015 mystery Western and you can take a closer look at more of her costume designs from The Hateful Eight on display.

Cruella de Vil costume worn by Glenn Close
in 101 Dalmatians
Cruella de Vil costume 101 Dalmatians
Glenn Close brought the fur-loving fashionista and Disney villain, 'Cruella de Vil', to life in the 1996 live-action version of 101 Dalmatians. Zebra print is so on trend.

Anthony Powell is Costume Designer for the Disney movie and fans of the character can also enjoy all these other screen-worn Cruella de Vil costumes.

Maleficent costume worn by Angelina Jolie
in Maleficent
Angelina Jolie Maleficent movie costume
And speaking of Disney villains, 2014's live-action Maleficent reimagined the dark fairy from Sleeping Beauty with a horned Angelina Jolie enveloped in this fur-trimmed cloak in the movie.

Anna B. Sheppard was Oscar-nominated for her costume designs on the fantasy fairytale, so be sure to check out more Maleficent movie costumes on display.

Mary Poppins costume worn by Emily Blunt
in Mary Poppins Returns
Emily Blunt Mary Poppins Returns movie costume
Emily Blunt was looking prim, proper and prepared for the British weather in 2018's Mary Poppins big screen musical sequel.

Sandy Powell was Oscar-nominated for her fun and magical costume designs on Mary Poppins Returns.

Noelle Kringle costume worn by Anna Kendrick
in Noelle
Anna Kendrick Noelle movie costume
Anna Kendrick was full on festive in her 'Noelle Kringle' costume from the Disney+ Christmas movie. Her fur-trimmed coat, hat and mittens were designed to keep her warm living at the North Pole as one of the children of Santa Claus.

Gary Jones is the Costume Designer on the 2019 movie, and if you like this festive outfit make sure you check out these other Noelle film costumes that would "sleigh" on the runway.

And if you want more screen-worn costumes to get you in the holiday spirit and keep your chestnuts roasting, check out these other festive movie costumes from cinema and TV on display.