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Original Tron Legacy movie costumes and props on display...

In the sequel to Disney's original cult hit, Tron, 'Sam Flynn' (Garrett Hedlund) searches for his father 'Kevin Flynn' (played by Jeff Bridges) in the digital world he created. Twenty-eight years later and not only has the look of the Game Grid been upgraded, but the costumes and props also look more polished and suitably futuristic in the 2010 version.
Original Tron: Legacy film costume and prop exhibit
Tron Legacy movie costume display
Gem Tron Legacy Siren costume
Tron Legacy Siren movie costume
Tron Legacy Gladiator Lightsuit costume
Tron Legacy movie prop display
Tron Legacy movie costume and prop exhibit
These original Tron costumes and props were photographed on display at ArcLight Sherman Oaks cinema on December 8, 2010. You can see how the reflective detailing on the outfits catches the light and produces a cool glow-in-the-dark effect.
Sam Flynn Tron: Legacy movie billboard
Tron Legacy Identity Disc billboard
Adding some sex appeal to the movie sequel are the 'Sirens' who remove Sam Flynn's real world clothes upon his arrival and dress him in his Light-Suit, complete with his own Identity Disc, in order to prepare him for the Gladiatorial Games.
Original Siren costume from Tron: Legacy
Gem Siren Tron Legacy costumeTron Siren Gem movie costumeTron Legacy Siren outfitTron Siren movie costumeSiren Gem Tron Legacy costumeTron Legacy Siren movie costume
Tron Legacy Siren Gem movie costumeTron Legacy Siren costume side view
Gem Siren Tron: Legacy movie poster
Tron Legacy Gem Siren poster
Beau Garrett plays 'Gem', a Siren that is affiliated with Michael Sheen's duplicitous 'Castor', the exhibit didn't clarify whether this was her specific outfit, but she is pictured above the costume.
Siren movie costume featured in Tron: Legacy
Tron Legacy Gem Siren outfit
Siren outfit Tron LegacyTron Legacy Siren Gem movie costumeSiren costume Tron Legacy Siren
Tron Legacy Siren film costume
Siren shoe heel Tron Legacy costume
The futuristic design of the Siren's boots help acentuate the unique robotic way they move in the movie.
Gem Siren Tron: Legacy movie wallpaper
Gem Siren Tron Legacy movie
Games Grid Gladiator Tron Legacy costume
Tron Legacy Lightsuit movie costumeTron Legacy Lightsuit film costume
Tron Legacy Grid Lightsuit costume
Tron Legacy Lightsuit Identity DiscOriginal Tron Legacy movie costumes
Tron Legacy Lightsuit glove
Tron Legacy Lightsuit boots
Tron Legacy Lightsuit costume boots
This light-suit was worn by one of the Games Grid Gladiators who battles Sam Flynn when he first enters the world of Tron.
Lightsuit Tron Legacy movie costumeTron Legacy Lightsuit backTron Legacy Grid Gladiator costumeTron Legacy Lightsuit costumeLightsuit Tron Legacy movieGrid Warrior Tron Legacy costumeLightsuit Tron Legacy movie costume
Michael Wilkinson was responsible for creating these costumes worn in Tron: Legacy and if you like these looks, you'll also like the costumes he designed for Watchmen.
Quorra Tron: Legacy movie billboard
Quorra Tron Legacy billboard
Original movie props from Tron: Legacy
Original Tron Legacy movie propsTron Legacy Identity Disc prop
In addition to the two fantastic sci-fi costumes on show, there was also an assortment of original props from Tron: Legacy to see up close.
Tron Legacy Identity Disc film prop
Included in the display was an Identity Disc, which plays a vital role in the movie as every program in the Tron world has one and it can be used as a defensive or offensive weapon in the Grid Games (as pictured above in Olivia Wilde's 'Quorra' movie billboard).
Tron Legacy Encom security badge props
Tron Legacy movie vehicle key prop
In addition there was Alan Bradley's (Bruce Boxleitner) pager that receives the message from Kevin Flynn, ENCOM company security badges, Flynn's published The Digital Frontier book and the baton device (and baton case) that's needed to summon a Light-Cycle or other Tron vehicles, together with the ceremonial case it comes in.
Tron Legacy movie prop
Finally enjoy this short video of the Tron costumes and props on display:
Sam Flynn Tron: Legacy movie billboard
Garrett Hedlund Tron Legacy billboard

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  1. wow GREATE pictures of the costumes! Could see all the details I've been wondering about :D But could you see what kind of material Gems costume was made of? In the movie it looks like latex, bet I can that there are stiches, and latex you can only glue pieces together. So maybe spandex or something else?

    Keep up the good work!