Thursday, July 12, 2012

Superman Returns costume worn by Brandon Routh...

I'm sure in the coming days and months there'll be lots of talk about Henry Cavill's new Superman suit in the forthcoming Man of Steel, but I still believe they got the iconic costume right for Brandon Routh in 2006's Superman Returns.

Original costume worn by Brandon Routh in Superman Returns
Brandon Routh Superman Returns costume
Being a huge comic book fan I personally prefer my superheroes in colourful capes and tights, and have no problems with them sporting what looks like their underwear over their leggings. The more fantastical the better if you ask me.

Superman Returns costume detail
Superman Returns costume chest symbol
Original Superman Returns costume
Superman Returns belt buckle
Superman Returns costume
Superman Returns costume boots
So Louise Mingenbach's reinterpretation of the classic Superman costume was a winner in my humble opinion and Brandon Routh did an admirable job of filling out those super-tights of DC Comics iconic hero.
Superman Returns Brand Routh suit
I'd previously spied this original costume on display at the London Film Museum, but on a return visit on May 15, 2012 I was able to get a closer look thanks to the suit being in a different display case.

I particularly like the diamond weave of the fabric which gave the costume a much more textured and less 'shiny tights' look.

And if you're a super-fan, be sure to check out these original props from Superman and Superman II on display.

Superman Returns movie poster
Superman Returns movie poster
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  1. I may be old school or just old Jason, but I am with you. I have no problem with our superhero's wearing their underwear, speedo's, trunks (or whatever you want to call them) on top of the tights. Just as I have no problem with those men who prefer classic briefs to boxers/boxer-briefs or vice versa. It's all about personal preference or what one is comfortable with. However, having said that I will also step back and let the new generation of superhero fans enjoy their hero's as they see fit as long as those changes do not start taking away the unique nature of the superhero as he or she was originally created, other than making improvements to their superhero abilities.

  2. well said, although I'd say some of the choices of the new Superman in Man of Steel, like the massive property damage, disregard for innocent bystanders and the way our 'hero' dispatched Zod prove they don't always get things right.

  3. I could not agree more Jason. Is it just me or are we seeing that in much of what exists today. Almost as though the innocence is gone (for lack of a better word). Even Disney appears different than from what I remember growing up.

  4. I Definitely find his new suit to be way more awesome than this one. I was never a Superman fan until the latest movie Man of Steel.

    His suit without the red underwear looks much more futuristic than the cheap bright colored spandex. I feel his new suit really captures the 'out of this world' element. It continues to remind me throughout the movie that he is an alien and not really a super human. Thats what makes superman so interesting....With the bright spandex outfit my mind goes to invincible superhero, which is far less impressive...

  5. Glad to hear your thoughts on the new Man of Steel costume and its alien style qualities. Personally I love the nostalgia of superheroes in capes, masks and tights. The great thing is with so many superhero movies being made these days we get the best of all worlds.

    1. I concur with Jason. I prefer the nostalgia of the old but welcome those who embrace the new look too. It's just like underwear, "Wear what makes you happy." If you like or do not like the spandex underwear superheroes wear, that's okay too.


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