Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kenny Wormald and Julianne Hough Footloose remake costumes on display...

Here's another collection of fantastic outfits from the new Footloose movie, starring Kenny Wormald and Julianne Hough in the lead roles, on display.

Footloose movie costume display at ArcLight Sherman Oaks
Footloose movie costume displayFootloose 2011 movie costumesFootloose remake movie costumesFootloose remake costume exhibit
These outfits featured in the remake of the 1984 original were photographed on display at ArcLight Sherman Oaks cinema on October 3, 2011 and installed by Olson Visual.
Original costumes from the Footloose remake
Footloose movie remake costumesFootloose Ren and Ariel costumesFootloose remake movie display
Laura Jean Shannon was Costume Designer on this movie and kept some of the iconic looks like the red cowboy boots worn by 'Ariel Moore'.

Footloose movie billboard
Neon Footloose sign billboard
Kenny Wormald wears this leather jacket and tie outfit on his first day at his new school in Bomont, Texas.

Outfit worn by Kenny Wormald as Ren McCormack in Footloose
Footloose Kenny Wormald costume
Julianne Hough can be seen wearing these particular clothes from a scene in the film on one of the Footloose movie billboards.

Outfit worn by Julianne Hough as Ariel Moore in Footloose
Julianne Hough Footloose outfitJulianne Hough Footloose movie outfitJulianne Hough Footloose costumeFootloose Julianne Hough costume
In the updated movie Miles Teller plays 'Willard', played by Chris Penn in the original, who befriends newcomer Ren McCormack who helps teach him how to dance. Willard wears this cowboy hat and suit to the senior dance at the end of the movie.

Prom costume worn by Miles Teller as Willard in Footloose
Footloose Willard prom costumeFootloose Willard prom costumeWillard Footloose movie costume
If you like this, be sure to also check out Kenny Wormald and Julianne Hough's prom costumes from Footloose too.

Footloose movie billboard
Footloose 2011 billboard
Also on display were these costumes featured in the mill scene in the movie where Ren does his infamous dance scene.

Outfits worn by Kenny Wormald
and Julianne Hough in Footloose
Footloose remake costumesKenny Wormald Footloose outfitFootloose 2011 movie costumesFootloose Julianne Hough costume
Finally, check out this short video of the original costumes on display at the cinema.
This movie was directed by Craig Brewer, let's hope it's better than the Fame remake from 2009.
Footloose movie poster
Footloose remake movie poster


  1. I love the second outfit from Ariel! I want it, where I can get kind of the same?

  2. Omg I want all of Ariel's close do you know where I can get look alikes

  3. Anyone know where i can get look alikes of ren
    .mccormacs clothes

  4. Where can I see the outfits you showed???

  5. These outfits were in a temporary display at ArcLight Sherman Oaks cinema, but sadly they are no longer there!

  6. Omg I want the top Ariel wears with the red boots. In the line dance scene!
    It's soooo pretty! Does anyone know where I can get lookalikes?

  7. So my daughter is giving up her crown in a local pageant and the theme is footloose. Anywhere I can buy a top and Jean's to mimic the outfit with the red boots? Shes 19 and about the same size. 0 or 2.


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