Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Original Mary Poppins movie costumes worn by Julie Andrews on display...

As we've focused on the Oz movie costume and props in recent days, I thought it only fair to share the spotlight with some other, no less magical costumes, on display at this year's Disney D23 Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center on August 9, 2013. Enjoy these two signature looks from 1964's classic big screen musical worn by Julie Andrews as the titular magical British nanny, 'Mary Poppins'.

Original costumes worn by Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins original film costumes Disney D23 Expo 2013
Original Mary Poppins Jolly Holiday movie costume
Mary Poppins carousel horse props
Original Mary Poppins movie costume
I've seen the knitted scarf adorned outfit on display at Disney's Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives at The Reagan Library in July 2012, but hidden away behind a reflective display case. On this occasion I was able to get a much closer look at the wonderfully iconic costume, plus more of Tony Walton's Oscar nominated costume designs, and even some original carousel horse props featured in the movie too.

Mary Poppins movie poster
Mary Poppins movie poster
In the movie set in 1910, when Mary Poppins, Dick Van Dyke's 'Bert' and The Banks children jump into a chalk-drawn picture, they emerge into a fantasy world of painted backgrounds, fairground carousels, horse-racing and dancing animated penguins, and the actress wears this pretty dress during the 'Jolly Holiday' song.

Mary Poppins Jolly Holiday costume worn by Julie Andrews
Mary Poppins Jolly Holiday costume
Mary Poppins Jolly Holiday costume hat
Mary Poppins Jolly Holiday dress detail
Mary Poppins Jolly Holiday costume detail
Mary Poppins Jolly Holiday shoes
Julie Andrews Mary Poppins Jolly Holiday costume
Even though the Edwardian outfit is missing her satin waist corset, it's still quite special to see the costume on display with its accompanying hat, ankle boots and parasol. It's also interesting to see that the ribbons and bow detailing on the dress are actually orange and not the pink they appear to be in the movie. Let's face it, who doesn't have fond memories of this classic film musical.

Carousel horse props from Mary Poppins
Original Mary Poppins merry go round horses
Original Mary Poppins carousel horse
Mary Poppins carousel horse props
Mary Poppins carousel horse props
Carousel horses Mary Poppins Disney D23 Expo 2013
Also on display from the Disney vaults were these colourful merry-go-round horses that featured in the movie, imaginatively presented within the exhibit. I believe these are Bert's orange horse and Mary's winning lilac-coloured carousel horse from the horse-racing scene.

Mary Poppins movie poster
Mary Poppins movie poster
When Mary Poppins arrives at The Banks house, so magically flies down from the clouds in this costume holding her special parrot-headed umbrella.

Original Mary Poppins arrival costume worn by Julie Andrews
Julie Andrews Mary Poppins arrival costume
Mary Poppins arrival scene costume
Mary Poppins parrot umbrella prop
Mary Poppins arrival costume detail
Iconic Mary Poppins 1964 movie costume
If you're a fan of the actress, be sure to also check out Julie Andrews costume and crown from Disney's The Princess Diaries 2 movie on display.

Stick around in the days to come for a look at even more fantastic cast costumes from the movie, plus original props featured in the musical film too.

Original Mary Poppins World Premiere Hollywood poster
Mary Poppins World Premiere Graumans Chinese Theatre poster


  1. We're watching the MP Blu-ray and to see these outfits is amazing. Thanks for posting.

  2. Do you know if the satin waist band is really red, or like the ribbons only appears that way? Id like to know since I plan on making this my costume this year. I like being as accurate as possible when creating costumes. Thank you for the look at these, she's one of my favorite characters of all time.

    1. Sorry but I'm not sure. Every reproduction I've seen (even the Disneyland characters) have a red waist band, even the ribbons, so it's hard to tell. Thanks for the kind comment, it helps to know that I'm not publishing these images out into a void and they are of use to people.

    2. Based on the ribbon at the neck that has faded from red to orange I would say yes the waist ribbon was red. I am watching this movie right now...I wish Julie Andrews had been in the 2nd movie "Mary Poppins Returns" I would personally have preferred this I am 60 and would loved to have had Julie Andrews in it......it was an ok movie but would have been better with Julie Andrews..

    3. The ribbons were indeed bright red for the filming. The dyes used in them have faded. The cumberbund was also red satin and deteriorated with time.

    4. The original costume had bright red detailing. The ribbon is made of velvet that has discolored either by fading or as a reaction to dry cleaning chemicals. The boots had pink trim and were painted over with shoe paint for another Disney movie. The red cumberbund was suffering from a bit of cloth rot and was no longer able to be displayed.