Monday, April 13, 2009

Fabulous costumes and props from the movie Milk...

These fantastic costumes and props are from Gus Vant Sant's wonderfully poignant biopic of the life and subsequent assassination of San Fransisco Supervisor and gay rights activist Harvey Milk, along with Mayor George Moscone.

Original Milk movie costumes and props
Actual MILK props costumes
The first selection of 1970's inspired fashion and props from the movie were on display at ArcLight Hollywood in L.A. on November 13, 2008.

Suit worn by Sean Penn as Harvey Milk
Sean Penn Harvey Milk movie costume
The suit pictured above was worn by Sean Penn for his portrayal of California's first openly gay elected official, Harvey Milk

The t-shirt on the right was worn by one of Harvey's supporters and the sign and soap box props were also used in the movie

Selection of original film props from the 2008 movie Milk
Milk movie props
Amongst the props pictured above include the tape recorder used by Sean Penn as Harvey Milk in the movie.

ArcLight Hollywood display of movie costumes and props from Milk
Sean Penn Harvey Milk suit and film props
Sean Penn deservedly won the Oscar for Actor in a Leading Role at the 81st Academy Awards for his convincing portrayal of Harvey Milk. 

Milk movie billboard on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles
Milk film billboard Sunset Blvd
Milk received eight Oscar nominations in total and Dustin Lance Black also won the Academy Award for Original Screenplay.

Milk movie costumes and props on display 
at Universal Studios Hollywood
Universal Studios Milk movie costume display
This next selection of movie costumes and props were photographed as part of the Universal Studios Hollywood permanent exhibit in the theme park's Lower Lot on April 13, 2009.

Original 1970's inspired fashions from the movie Milk
Original Milk movie costumes Universal Studios Hollywood
Danny Glicker was responsible for Costume Design on the movie. The suit shown on the left of this picture is another outfit worn by Sean Penn as Harvey Milk

Outfits worn by James Franco and Emile Hirsch in Milk
James Franco Emile Hirsch film costumes Milk
Beside the suit are the costumes worn by James Franco as Harvey Milk's gay lover and campaign manager, 'Scott Smith', and Emile Hirsch's outfit as Milk supporter and young gay rights activist 'Cleve Jones'.

Milk movie billboard on Sunset Boulevard in L.A.
Milk Best Picture film billboard
Visit Jason in Hollywood for a movie review of Milk.

Buy the DVD in the USA: Milk

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