Monday, April 13, 2009

Apollo 13 movie capsule and Tom Hanks Astronaut costume...

Ron Howard's 1995 movie Apollo 13 is based on the true story of the aborted 1971 moon landing by the titular 13th Apollo space capsule.

Life-size Apollo 13 space capsule movie prop
Apollo 13 space capsule movie prop

Apollo 13 Command Module miniature 
and Moon miniature prop
Apollo 13 Command module miniature and moon prop
Apollo 13 Command Module Miniature
Tom Hank's movie costume was photographed at the movie props, wardrobe and artifacts exhibit at Universal Studios Hollywood on April 13, 2009, whilst the Apollo 13 space capsule can be found on one of the levels between the escalators down to the Lower Lot of the theme park.

Flight suit worn by Tom Hanks as NASA Astronaut 'Jim Lovell'
Tom Hanks original Jim Lovell movie costume from Apollo 13
Tom Hanks NASA costume from Apollo 13

Apollo 13 movie poster
Apollo 13 movie poster

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