Monday, April 13, 2009

Frost/Nixon movie costumes on display...

The Frost/Nixon movie is the dramatically electric retelling of the post-Watergate interviews in 1977 between British Talk Show Host David Frost and disgraced former President Richard Nixon.

Suits worn by Michael Sheen and Frank Langella in Frost/Nixon
Frost Nixon and Bridget Jones movie costumes display
In Ron Howard's movie of Peter Morgan's stage play Frank Langella reprised his award-winning theatre role as former President Richard Nixon and Michael Sheen played the dashing TV presenter David Frost.

Frost/Nixon movie billboard in Los Angeles
Frost Nixon movie billboard

Original costumes worn in Frost/Nixon
Michael Sheen and Frank Langella costumes from the Frost Nixon movie
The flashy double-breasted suit on the left in the picture above was worn by Michael Sheen as the flamboyant David Frost and the more conservative suit on the right was worn by Frank Langella as President Richard Nixon.

Frost/Nixon movie costume display 
at Universal Studios Hollywood
Frost Nixon original movie costumes
These actual costumes from the movie were on display at Universal Studios Hollywood on April 13, 2009, alongside other film outfits including this pink ski suit from the Bridget Jones sequel.

Frost/Nixon movie poster
Frost Nixon movie poster
Visit Jason in Hollywood for a movie review of Frost/Nixon.

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