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Oscar-nominated movie costumes from The Revenant on display...

I love awards season in Hollywood and am especially fond of the Oscars, that's why it's been a real treat to see examples from all five films nominated for an Academy Award for Best Costume Design on display this year. Today I'm shining a spotlight on the movie costumes designed by Jacqueline West for Frontier revenge drama, The Revenant.

Original film costumes from The Revenant
The Revenant movie costumes FIDM Museum LA
The Revenant movie costumes
The Revenant film costumes
Revenant film costumes
These costumes from Alejandro González Iñárritu's gritty survival movie were photographed on display at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) Museum in Downtown L.A. alongside a multitude of many other spectacular costumes on February 12 (where they will be until April 30, 2016).

You can also see more of Jacqueline West's design work in these film costumes from The Tree of Life and these movie costumes from Water for Elephants, both from 2011.
The Revenant movie billboard
The Revenant movie billboard
Plus if you're a fan of this Oscar-nominated movie, you can also see more movie costumes from The Revenant, when they were exhibited around the film's theatrical release at ArcLight Sherman Oaks cinema.

Costume worn by Domhnall Gleeson as Captain Andrew Henry
in The Revenant
Domhnall Gleeson Captain Andrew Henry costume Revenant
The Revenant movie costumes
The movie, which has been acknowledged as being miserable to make in tough conditions, is based on the true story of U.S. fur trapper 'Hugh Glass' (played by Leonardo DiCaprio), who is left for dead by this colleagues after being savagely mauled by a bear during their hunting expedition in 1823.

Domhnall Gleeson plays 'Captain Andrew Henry', the commander of this group of trappers in the wilderness of the North Plains.

Costume worn by Fabrice Adde as Toussaint in The Revenant
Fabrice Adde The Revenant Toussaint costume
In the film Fabrice Adde plays 'Toussaint', the leader of a rival French-Canadian fur-trading expedition.

Costume worn by Leonardo DiCaprio as Hugh Glass
in The Revenant
Leonardo DiCaprio The Revenant Hugh Glass costume
Leonardo DiCaprio The Revenant costume
Revenant Hugh Glass film costume
Leonardo DiCaprio has been Oscar-nominated (and is the favourite) to win for his portrayal of the injured Frontiersman who crawled to safety after surviving the brutal Grizzly attack and being abandoned by his fellow trappers.

Costume worn by Duane Howard as Elk Dog
in The Revenant
Duane Howard Elk Dog costume The Revenant
Revenant Elk Dog film costume
First Nations actor Duane Howard wears this costume as 'Elk Dog', the leader of the indigenous Native American Arikara, who is seeking his missing daughter.

Costume worn by Tom Hardy as John Fitzgerald
in The Revenant
Tom Hardy Revenant John Fitzgerald movie costume
The Revenant John Fitzgerald movie costume
Tom Hardy The Revenant John Fitzgerald film costume
Tom Hardy The Revenant film costume
Revenant John Fitzgerald film costume
Tom Hardy plays 'John Fitzgerald' in the early-American Western, the brutal fellow trapper who buries Hugh Glass alive and kills his son, and wears this fur-layered costume in the extreme wilderness conditions.

If you're a fan of the actor, be sure to also check out these Oscar-nominated Mad Max: Fury Road costumes and his Bane costume from The Dark Knight Rises on display.

With Cinderella, The Danish Girl, Carol, Mad Max: Fury Road and these costumes all nominated for an Academy Award this year it's such a talented field that anyone could take home the prestigious golden statue.

The Revenant movie billboard
Revenant movie billboard
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