Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bill Nighy's Billy Mack costume from Love Actually on display...

Whenever I rewatch Love Actually, which is pretty much every year at Christmastime, I'm always amazed at how well Richard Curtis' romantic comedy holds up. The movie from 2003 with its interweaving storylines and characters is equally sweet, funny and heartfelt (who can forget the scene where Emma Thompson's finds out her husband is cheating on her), and boasts a bevy of wonderful British actors at their best, like Bill Nighy as the devilish aging rockstar rogue, 'Billy Mack'.

Original Love Actually movie costumes on display
Billy Mack Video Vixen Love Actually film costumes
Love Actually film costumes
Original Love Actually movie costumes
Love Actually movie costume exhibit
Love Actually movie costumes
On my most recent visit to the NBC Universal Experience archive attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood in L.A. on January 20, 2015 they had two original costume from the film on display, including one of Bill Nighy's 'Billy Mack' suits and one of the festive vixen outfits from his faux music video.

Love Actually movie poster
Love Actually movie poster
In the movie Bill Nighy plays the has-been rocker who re-records one of his old bestselling hits as a Christmas song by changing a few words, in an attempt to cash in on holiday season nostalgia. He wears this particular blue suit and garish stripped shirt when being interviewed on Michael Parkinson's chat show.

Original costume worn by Bill Nighy as Billy Mack in Love Actually
Bill Nighy Billy Mack Love Actually movie costume
Bill Nighy Billy Mack Love Actually blue suit
Billy Mack Love Actually film costume
Billy Mack Love Actually movie costume
Billy Mack Love Actually costume shoes
Billy Mack's music video in Love Actually is an homage to Robert Palmer's iconic 80's video, Addicted to Love, which memorably featured leggy models seductively playing their instruments and provocatively licking their lips. In this film version the music video is parodied even further, with the gorgeous models even more suggestive and dressed as Santa's helpers to make things more festive.

Original Video Vixen costume worn by Sarah Holland in Love Actually
Love Actually Video Vixen costume detail
Love Actually Billy Mack Video Vixen costume
Love Actually Billy Mack Video Vixen costume
Love Actually Billys Video Vixen costume
Love Actually Billy Mack Video Vixen movie costume
Actress Sarah Holland wears this outfit as one of Billy's Video Vixens and the costumes in this Christmas-themed movie were designed by Joanna Johnston. You can also see more of her design work in these film costumes for Lincoln and these Back to the Future III movie costumes.

Many others have tried to emulate the interlocking narrative of Love Actually, films like Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve come to mind, but none have truly recaptured the ease and magical chemistry of this movie. 

For me, seeing these costumes was the highlight of the ever-changing costume and prop exhibit and I hope they have more memorabilia from Love Actually on display in the future.

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