Monday, January 5, 2015

Original movie costumes from Selma on display...

On Saturday night I saw my first movie of 2015 and it was a good one, director Ava DuVernay's Selma. The Martin Luther King Jr. biopic focuses on the 1965 civil rights march from Selma to the Alabama State Capitol, in Montgomery, when the peaceful protesters faced fierce prejudice, violence and even death to help hasten the passage of U.S. President Johnson's Voting Rights Act.

Selma movie costume exhibit at ArcLight Hollywood
Selma movie costume exhibit
David Oyelowo Carmen Ejogo Selma movie costumes
Selma movie costumes
Oprah Winfrey Selma movie costume
Selma film costume exhibit
To help promote the Golden Globe (and probably Oscar) hopeful, this collection of screen-used costumes featured in the movie were on display at ArcLight Hollywood cinema on January 3, 2015.

Selma movie billboard
Selma movie billboard
The artistic renderings included in this exhibit and the Costume Design on this 60's based historical drama were by Ruth E. Carter, and you can also see her movie costumes in Serenity.

Costumes worn by David Oyelowo and Carmen Ejogo 
as Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King in Selma
Original Selma film costumes
David Oyelowo Carmen Ejogo Selma film costumes
Carmen Ejogo Selma movie costume
Selma Coretta Scott King costume
Original Selma movie costumes
David Oyelowo delivers a quiet and powerful performance as the determined 'Martin Luther King Jr.' and wears this suit in the film, whilst his wife, 'Coretta Scott King', is played equally poignantly by Carmen Ejogo and she is seen wearing this orange ensemble for the civil rights march from Selma.

Original film costume worn by Oprah Winfrey 
as Annie Lee Cooper in Selma
Oprah Winfrey Selma Annie lee Cooper movie costume
Oprah Winfrey Selma movie costume detail
Selma Annie lee Cooper movie costume
Oprah Winfrey Selma film costume
Oprah Winfrey Selma movie costume
In the movie Oprah Winfrey plays civil rights activist 'Annie Lee Cooper' (basically just an African-American woman who wants the legal right to vote), and I believe she wears this outfit when she tries to register to vote at the start of the film.

If you liked this historical film, you may also like these movie costumes and props from Milk, the Harvey Milk biopic about another equality activist, this time for gay rights, who was also murdered for his beliefs.

Selma movie poster
Selma UK movie poster
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