Thursday, January 15, 2015

Emily Blunt's Baker's Wife costume from Into the Woods on display...

In Disney's big screen adaptation of Stephen Sondheim's Into the Woods musical, a baker and his wife are sent on a quest by a witch who wants them to collect some iconic fairytale items in order to reverse a curse, in turn she'll remove the curse from their family which will allow the childless couple to have a baby.

Original costume worn by Emily Blunt 
as The Baker's Wife in Into the Woods
Emily Blunt Bakers Wife Into the Woods movie costume
Baker's Wife Into the Woods patchwork costume
Baker's Wife Into the Woods film costume
Baker's Wife and Father Into the Woods film costumes
Into the Woods Baker's Wife movie costume
Into the Woods Baker's Wife movie costume detail
In the movie directed by Rob Marshall, Emily Blunt plays 'The Baker's Wife' and this is the patchwork costume that she wears in the role, designed by Oscar-nominated designer, Colleen Atwood, and photographed on display at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood on January 6, 2015.

Just as the musical itself is a mashup of infamous Brothers Grimm fairytales, the film itself features a whole array of different looks influenced from different time periods, styles and inspirations.

Into the Woods movie poster
Into the Woods Baker's Wife movie poster
The baker and his wife and their village has a wholesome Victorian feel, and her costume is a patchwork of rich colours, made from many different fabrics, as if she constructed it from bits of ribbon, cloth and curtain material that she found.

Even though The Baker's Wife is presented as an intelligent, resourceful and kind woman, she has her flaws, and sadly by the end of the film we discover that not everyone gets to have their happily ever after.

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Costume worn by Simon Russell Beale 
as The Baker's Father in Into the Woods
Baker's Father Into the Woods movie costume
Into the Woods Baker's Father film costume
Also featured in the costume and prop exhibit was the outfit worn by 'The Baker's Father', played by Simon Russell Beale, who steals some magic beans from the 'Witch' (Meryl Streep) and starts the whole cycle of curses upon his family line.

If you like these authentic film costumes from the magical musical, be sure to also check out more original Into the Woods movie costumes featuring interesting takes and twists on your favourite fairytale characters.

Into the Woods movie costume and prop exhibit 
at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood
Into the Woods movie exhibit El Capitan Theatre Hollywood
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