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Back to the past with these Universal Studios cinematic treasures...

When most people visit Universal Studios Hollywood it's to ride the attractions and have a fun day out, for me the highlight of the theme park is to see what new delights have materialised in their ever-changing archive exhibit of treasures from the worlds of TV and film.

Latest costumes and props from the archives 
at the NBC Universal Experience exhibit
Universal Studios movie costume prop exhibit
Original Universal Studios movie costumes props
Back to the Future movie costumes props
Universal Studios film TV costumes
NBC Universal Experience costume prop exhibit
On my most recent trip to the NBC Universal Experience attraction on January 20, 2015, I was pleased to see many new screen-used costumes and props on display from musicals, comedies, fantasy, sci-fi, period dramas and more genres besides.

One costume which caught my eye again was Marty McFly's atomic Western costume from Back to the Future III, which I'd seen exhibited back in May 2013, but this mannequin seemed to show off the fabulous fringe on the cuffs in greater detail.

Original Marty McFly cowboy costume worn by Michael J. Fox 
in Back to the Future III
Back to the Future III Marty McFly Western costume
Back to the Future III Marty McFly cowboy costume
Marty McFly Back to the Future III cowboy costume
Michael J Fox Back to the Future 3 film costume
Original Back to the Future film costume props
If you like this Old West outfit worn by Michael J. Fox when he's stranded in the past, and designed by Joanna Johnston, be sure to also check out more original costumes, props and the DeLorean car from the Back to the Future Trilogy.

Another real highlight of the fresh array of movie memorabilia had to be these costumes from 2003's Love Actually, which is one of my all-time favourite feel-good films and a Christmas viewing essential in our household.

Original costumes from Love Actually on display 
Love Actually movie costumes Universal Studios
Also designed by Joanna Johnston, this funky suit was worn by Bill Nighy as faded rock star 'Billy Mack' in his Christmas song video accompanied by his video vixens in an homage to Robert Palmer's iconic 80's Addicted to Love music video.

As a complete contrast, beside those costumes is a dress worn by Deanna Durbin as 'Louise Ginglebusher' in 1947's romantic comedy I'll Be Yours, with Costume Design by Travis Banton.

Original costumes from period dramas, musicals, biopics and science fiction films
NBC Universal Experience costume exhibit
Be sure to stick around in the days to come for a closer look at all the fantastic costumes and props on display at the L.A. theme park on this visit, including:

Film costume worn by Bruce Willis and props from 12 Monkeys
Tom Hanks tuxedo and props from Charlie Wilson's War
Original Love Actually film costumes
Nathan Lane's movie costume and props from The Producers
TV costume and props from Warehouse 13
Jeremy Renner's costume from Kill the Messenger
Mia Wasikowska's period costume from Jane Eyre
Day of the Dead masks and dress worn by Salma Hayek in Savages
Emma Thompson's costume from Nanny McPhee Returns
Luke Evans Vlad the Impaler costume from Dracula Untold
Motorcycles featured in Inglorious Basterds and The Mummy Returns

And do yourself a favour, if you ever visit Universal Studios Hollywood, don't forget to check out this special exhibition space in the Lower Lot, as you may see a piece of history from a movie or TV show you love, or an outfit worn by your favourite film star.

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  1. They paid £10,000 from the prop store for that Back to the future III costume. Here's the original advert. I was thinking about buying it at the time.


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