Thursday, April 21, 2011

Original Disney Prom movie costumes on display...

Disney's new live-action comedy, Prom, follows a group of teenagers as they get ready for their high school prom. Here are some of the actual costumes featured in the movie on display at ArcLight Sherman Oaks cinema on April 18, 2011.
Original film costumes worn in Prom
Original Disney Prom movie costumesAimee Teegarden Disney Prom dress
Disney Prom movie dress
Disney Prom movie costumes
These prom night outfits for the film were designed by Shoshana Rubin.

Prom movie poster
Disney Prom movie poster
I'm told the two dresses on display were the only two specially commissioned prom outfits for the movie, whilst most of the other fashion in the film was sourced off-the-rack.

Dress worn by Aimee Teegarden in Prom as Nova Prescott
Nova Prescott Disney Prom dressAimee Teegarden Prom movie dress

Prom movie billboards
Prom movie billboard

Actual tuxedo worn by Thomas McDonell
as Jesse Richter in Prom
Thomas McDonell Disney Prom suit
Disney Prom film costumes

Dress worn by Danielle Campbell in Prom as Simone Daniels
Danielle Campbell Disney Prom dressDanielle Campbell Disney Prom costumeDanielle Campbell Disney Prom dress
If you're a fan, be sure to check out these other outfits from popular Disney movies, including Colleen Atwood designed Alice in Wonderland costumes, Pirates of the Caribbean costumes, Prince of Persia costumes and more, here at Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props.

Buy the movie soundtrack: Prom


  1. I absolutely love the necklace Nova wears for the majority of the movie. I'd love to know where to find one.

  2. Prom is just a masterpiece. It brings loads of different, deep, stories together to create that one perfect moment: Prom!

    "Nova, you can do it.
    "Do what?
    "Trust me."

    So cute!

  3. i want novas dress for my prom, please comment if you know where i can find one! i'm in love with it!

  4. I believe that of all the outfits in the movie, these two dresses on display were custom-made for the film, but I'm sure there's something similar out there.


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