Friday, April 1, 2011

Yvonne De Carlo's Lily cloak from The Munsters...

Yvonne De Carlo played the vampire mother, 'Lily Munster', in the 1960's TV sitcom about a family of friendly monsters, The Munsters. This is the dramatic hooded cape she wore in the television show from 1964 to 1966.

Cloak worn by Yvonne De Carlo in The Munsters
Yvonne De Carlo Lily Munster cloakLily Munsters vampire cloakLily Munsters TV cloak
The cloak was photographed as part of the NBC TV costume and prop display at Universal Studios Hollywood on display on March 28, 2011.

The original Munsters from the 1960's
1960s The Munsters
If you're a fan of the original TV series be sure to check out this make-up display for The Munsters and also this Munsters house production miniature from the television revival in the 1980's.

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