Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Michael Keaton's 1989 Batman suit and Batmobile...

In Tim Burton's 1989 big screen adaptation of the DC Comic book hero, Michael Keaton wore the suit of the iconic Caped Crusader.

Original Batman costume and Batmobile on display
at the Petersen Automotive Museum
Batman costume and 1989 Batmobile displayMichael Keaton Batman costume
Batman 1989 Batmobile
This actual costume worn by Michael Keaton in Batman and original Batmobile used in both of Tim Burton's movies were photographed on display at the Petersen Automotive Museum in L.A. on March 31, 2011.

Batman movie poster
1989 Batman and Batmobile poster
Bob Ringwood was responsible for Costume Design on the Batman movie and for taking him from his traditional superhero tights to the darker armoured version cinema goers are more familiar with nowadays.

Batman suit worn by Michael Keaton
Michael Keaton BatsuitMichael Keaton Batman batsuitMichael Keaton Batman maskBatman 1989 movie costumeMichael Keaton Batman suit
This original Bat-suit worn by Michael Keaton is one of just two surviving screen-used costumes and is completed by the only surviving screen-used Batman headgear, which is eerily fitted over a silicone head from an actual Michael Keaton life cast.

This menacing costume is made from molded foam latex and was apparently sprayed black each time it was worn to assure a consistent appearance in the movie.

The Bat-gloves sport urethane wrist armour and films used in the film's production, whilst the Batgun was cast from original studio molds.

Batmobile from Batman and Batman Returns
Original Batman 1989 BatmobileBatman 1989 Batmobile interiorBatmobile dashboard Batman 1989Batman 1989 Batmobile hoodBatman 1989 Batmobile exhibit
This supercool Batmobile is one of three studio authorised vehicles commissioned for publicity and promotional purposes after the film's release. The Batmobile has been featured here at Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props before, but not with the canopy open so that you can see the interior and the control dashboard.

Batman movie poster
Batman 1989 movie poster
Also on display was this scale model of the Batmobile from the 1966 TV series which was originally built by George Barris.

1966 Batmobile scale model miniature by John Betts
TV Batmobile 1966 scale modelBatmobile 1966 scale model interior
Batmobile 1966 TV scale model above
Batmobile 1966 TV model
1966 TV Batmobile scale model
The original Batmobile was remodeled and transformed from a Futura in six weeks by George Barris for the 1966 TV show.

1966 TV series Batmobile by George Barris
George Barris 1966 TV Batmobile
If you're a fan of the original TV show be sure to check out these pictures of the Batcave in L.A.'s Griffith Park.

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  1. How much money would it cost tax and all to personally own the bat-mobile and complete bat-man costume? by George Collester of Jellico, Tn.

  2. Well the Batmobile from the 60's TV show recently sold for $4.2 million, but I'd have no idea how much this replica Batmobile or original suit would sell for (I don't own them by the way)

  3. the 89 Batmobile is still the best one by a pretty wide margin