Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Little Nellie autogyro from James Bond's You Only Live Twice...

You Only Live Twice was the fifth outing for Sean Connery as British MI6 spy 'James Bond' and featured him flying this heavily armed gyrocopter 'Little Nellie' against the nefarious forces of SPECTRE in Japan.

Little Nellie autogyro on display at the London Film Museum
James Bond film Little Nellie autogyroLittle Nellie 007 autogyroJames Bond Little Nellie autogyro
RAF Wing Commander Ken Wallis invented 'Little Nellie' and piloted the aircraft in the movie, which featured fake armaments to give it the appearance of a militarised fighting machine.

You Only Live Twice movie poster
James Bond You Only Live Twice poster
In the movie adaptations of Ian Fleming's iconic spy, the charming MI6 agent was always equipped with the latest high-tech gadgets, so at the time for the 1967 film, this cool looking craft certainly fit the bill.

007's Little Nellie gyrocopter from You Only Live Twice
James Bond movie Little Nellie autogyroLittle Nellie autogyro James BondYou Only live Twice Little Nellie autogyro
This movie vehicle was photographed on display at the London Film Museum on January 25, 2011.

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