Saturday, October 23, 2010

This Island Earth Metaluna Mutant mask on display...

In 1955 This Island Earth was one of the first major science fiction films to be made in Technicolor and at the time was critically praised for its special effects, great script and dazzling colour.

Metaluna Mutant head from This Island Earth
This Island Earth mutant model
This Island Earth mutant display
This Island Earth mutant alien
Bud Westmore and the Universal make-up department created two alien designs for consideration by the studio executives for the 1953 movie It Came from Outer Space.

Apparently the design that was rejected was saved and later used as the 'Mutant' in Universal's sci-fi extravaganza This Island Earth.

This Island Earth movie poster
This Island Earth poster
This classic creature was on display at Universal Orlando's Horror Make-Up Show on September 23, 2010.

This Island Earth Mutant mask on display
This Island Earth mutant deisgnThis Island Earth mutant maskThis Island Earth mutant head
If you like this classic alien design, you may also like to check out another iconic space creature, an Alien from James Cameron's Aliens.

This Island Earth movie poster
This Island Earth film poster
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  1. Best 50's sci-fi movie of all time.

  2. Great movie with nice effects and superb colour. Highly recommend It Came From Outer Space and Earth Verses The Flying Saucers.


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