Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Queen Narissa's Hag costume from Disney's Enchanted...

In Disney's Enchanted, Susan Sarandon plays the duplicitous 'Queen Narissa' and transforms into this 'Hag' character in order to tempt the heroine, 'Giselle', with a traditional poisoned apple.

Queen Narissa's Hag costume
worn by Susan Sarandon in Enchanted
Susan Sarandon's Enchanted Hag film costume
Queen Narissa Hag costume from Enchanted
This costume is a real homage to the old woman (herself the disguised Queen) from Disney classic, Snow White, who tried the same tactics with a deadly apple.

Enchanted movie poster
Enchanted Narissa apple poster
Costume Designer Mona May based this 'live-action' costume on the cloak the disguised Narissa wears in the film's animated opening sequence, when the wicked witch pushes Giselle into a magic portal which transports her to the human world of New York City.

Original Hag costume from Enchanted on display
Enchanted Narissa Hag costumeEnchanted Queen Narissa Hag outfitNarissa Hag Enchanted costumeNarissa Hag movie costume from Enchanted
This costume was on display alongside Susan Sarandon's other Queen Narissa costume from Enchanted within The American Film Institute's movie villain showcase at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida on September 22, 2010.

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