Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Original costumes and props from Disney's Secretariat...

As well as screening the new Disney movie, the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood had this fantastic array of movie costumes and props from Secretariat on October 13, 2010.

Original Secretariat costumes and props
on display at the El Capitan Theatre
Secretariat movie costume and prop exhibit
Diane Lane Secretariat costume and horse pin
Secretariat jockey movie costume
Secretariat movie display
In the film, Diane Lane stars as 'Penny Chenery', the owner of 'Secretariat', and follows the true story of how the thoroughbred race horse became the first U.S. Triple Crown champion in twenty-five years in 1973.

Actual Jockey Silks worn in Secretariat
Secretariat Jockey Silks costumeSecretariat jockey film costume
Otto Thorwarth stars as, 'Ron Turcotte', the Jockey that rode Secretariat to victory in the Triple Crown.

Michael Boyd was the Costume Designer responsible for recreating the authentic 1970's replicas of the Jockey Silks and other period costumes in the movie.

Secretariat at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood
Disney Secretariat El Capitan
Along with costumes, the exhibit also had a selection of trophies, newspapers, saddles and other props used in the production of the movie.

Actual props used in the filming of Secretariat
Secretariat saddle movie propSecretariat trophy and newspaper propsSecretariat movie props
Diane Lane wore this dress, designed by Julie Weiss, to the Belmont Stakes races, where Secretariat won his third consecutive race and clinched the Triple Crown.

Belmont Stakes dress worn by Diane Lane in Secretariat
Diane Lane Secretariat Belmont Race outfitSecretariat Diane Lane movie dressDiane Lane Secretariat Belmont Race dress
Diane Lane Secretariat film costume
Diane Lane Belmont Race dress Secretariat
Included in the display of Diane Lane's outfit was the horse racing pin that was bequeathed to Penny Chenery by her father, upon the death of her mother.

Horse racing pin worn by Diane Lane in Secretariat
Secretariat horse rider pin costume jewelrySecretariat horse rider broach costume jewelry
Secretariat Diane Lane movie costume
Also included in the exhibit at the El Capitan Theatre was official memorabilia from the real-life Triple Crown winner and jockey, on loan from the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame.

Secretariat real-life memorabilia
Ron Turcotte Secretariat Jockey bootsSecretariat Crowning at Belmont printSecretariat button and whip memorabilia
These items included Ron Turcotte's boots and racing whip, a commemorative Triple Crown button and a 1973 print of the 'Crowning at Belmont' depicting Secretariat's recognition as champion.

Secretariat movie poster
Secretariat film poster
Find more costumes worn by Diane Lane and John Malkovich in Secretariat here at Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props.

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