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IT movie costumes and props on display...

In this year's movie adaptation of Stephen King's 1986 fantasy horror novel, IT, Bill Skarsgård plays the malevolent entity 'Pennywise' that takes the shape of a harlequin clown to torment the folks of the small Maine town of Derry. In the summer of 1989 a group of kid misfits, 'The Losers Club', band together to find out what's behind all the sinister disappearances of children in their town and confront some of their own personal demons in the process.

Original IT movie costumes and props
IT movie costume prop exhibit ArcLight Hollywood
IT movie costumes
Bill Skarsgård Pennywise clown costume IT movie
IT movie props
IT movie Losers Club costumes
IT film costumes props
This cool collection of costumes and props used in the movie were photographed on display in the foyer of ArcLight Hollywood cinema on September 2, 2017.

IT movie billboard
IT movie billboard
Janie Bryant was Costume Designer on the horror movie, responsible for giving 'Pennywise' an updated and terrifying clown look and make it distinct from Tim Curry's TV version in the 1990 mini-series (designed by Monique Prudhomme).

Pennywise clown costume worn by Bill Skarsgård in IT
Bill Skarsgård Pennywise clown IT movie costume
Pennywise clown IT movie costume
Pennywise IT movie costume
Pennywise IT film costume detail
Pennywise IT film costume cuff detail
Pennywise IT movie costume
IT movie Pennywise clown costume
IT movie Pennywise costume legs detail
IT movie Pennywise costume shoe
IT movie Pennywise costume shoes
IT movie Pennywise clown costume
Bill Skarsgård certainly looks the part in this vintage style costume which mixes elements of Medieval, Renaissance, Elizabethan and Victorian era for the long-lived supernatural creature from a different time.

The outfit is mainly a dusky grey with orange pompons, the trim around the cuff and ankles are a ball fringe in orange, red and cinnamon, a 16th century-like neck ruff, puffy shoulders and bloomers, and tight white gloves like porcelain, giving the ensemble a weather-worn and ancient look.

The Losers Club costumes worn by Jeremy Ray Taylor,
Sophia Lillis and Jaeden Lieberher in IT
Jeremy Ray Taylor IT movie Ben Hanscom costume
Sophia Lillis IT movie Beverly Marsh costume
Beverly Marsh IT movie costume
Jaeden Lieberher IT movie Bill Denbrough costume
The Losers Club is made up of pre-teen outcasts who have been bullied or abused in their town, by school kids, neighbours or their own family for being different. 'Bill Denrough' is the older brother of missing child 'Georgie Denrough' who went missing playing with his paper boat in the rain.

Screen-used props from the IT movie
This selection of screen-used props include Georgie's paper boat, a missing person poster and more cool items featured in the film.

I personally can't wait to see this incarnation of IT in action, and fans of scary movies can also check out all these horror-themed costumes and props.

IT movie poster
IT movie poster
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