Friday, October 1, 2010

Timothy Spall's Nathaniel costume from Disney's Enchanted...

In Disney's 2007 animation and live-action movie, Enchanted, Timothy Spall plays 'Nathaniel', the henchman of the scheming 'Queen Narissa'.

Original costume worn by Timothy Spall
as Nathaniel in Enchanted
Timothy Spall Enchanted Nathaniel costumeEnchanted Nathaniel costumeHis character is a loyal servant, who is so utterly enamored with the villainous Queen that he does her evil bidding without question.

Original Nathaniel costume from Disney's Enchanted
Nathaniel costume EnchantedEnchanted Nathaniel movie costume
Mona May was the Costume Designer of this Andalasian royal servant's attire, which Timothy Spall wore on location in New York City, when his 'animated' character emerges into the 'real world' and becomes human.

Enchanted movie poster
Enchanted movie poster
If you like this Enchanted movie outfit be sure to also check out Queen Narissa's costume worn by Susan Sarandon.

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