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Halloween 2018 movie costume exhibit at ArcLight Hollywood cinema...

In the new sequel to John Carpenter's 1978 horror classic, Halloween, Jamie Lee Curtis reprises her role as 'Laurie Strode', the babysitter who survived the killing spree of 'Michael Myers' four decades before, in a film which jettisons all of the nine subsequent franchise installments. Still living in the fictional town of Haddonfield, Illinois, with a family of her own, she's still haunted by the events of 40 years ago when a maximum security prison bus transporting Michael Myers from the psychiatric facility he's been held in for decades crashes and the killer returns to terrorise her and a whole new generation of people at Halloween.

Halloween movie costume exhibit
Halloween 2018 movie costume exhibit
Michael Myers Halloween 2018 movie costume
Michael Myers 2018 Halloween costume
Halloween film costume exhibit ArcLight Hollywood
Michael Myers mask 2018 Halloween movie
Halloween Michael Myers mask
Michael Myers 2018 Halloween costume
Halloween movie costume exhibit
This fantastically spooky costume and house porch installation for the slasher flick was photographed on display at ArcLight Hollywood cinema on October 11, 2018.

Emily Gunshor was Costume Designer on this horror movie directed by David Gordon Green.

Halloween movie billboard
Halloween movie billboard
In the movie Michael Myers is played by stuntman-actor James Jude Courtney, but there is also a cameo appearance by Nick Castle who portrayed the psycho killer in the original film.

Costume worn by Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode
in Halloween
Jamie Lee Curtis Halloween Laurie Strode film costume
Jamie Lee Curtis Halloween Laurie Strode 2018 costume
2018 Halloween Laurie Strode movie costume
Jamie Lee Curtis 2018 Halloween Laurie Strode costume
Halloween 2018 Laurie Strode movie costume
For years Laurie Strode has been obsessing about the return of the murderer and it turns out she was right to be prepared.

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Halloween movie poster
Halloween movie poster
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