Monday, October 23, 2017

Julianne Moore and Matt Damon Suburbicon movie costumes on display...

In Suburbicon directed by George Clooney (who also has a writing credit with Grant Heslov from a 1980s script by the Coen Brothers), a deceptively peaceful 1950s American suburban community hides a violent underbelly and a family man, 'Gardner Lodge' (Matt Damon), is forced to take on mobsters to defend his family (played by Julianne Moore and Noah Jupe).

Original Suburbicon film costumes
Suburbicon movie costume exhibit
Suburbicon movie costumes
Suburbicon movie costumes props
Suburbicon home Tiki cocktail bar
Suburbicon film costume and props
Suburbicon movie exhibit
Suburbicon film costume exhibit
This brilliantly presented collection of movie costumes, which looks like it also features original props used in the film's production, was photographed on display at ArcLight Hollywood cinema on October 22, 2017.

Suburbicon movie billboard
Suburbicon movie billboard
Jenny Eagan is the Costume Designer responsible for creating the suburban looks set in the late 1950s, and for more of her work you can also check out these Beasts of No Nation movie costumes.

Nicky Lodge baseball costume
worn by Noah Jupe in Suburbicon
Noah Jupe Suburbicon Nicky baseball costume
Suburbicon Nicky Lodge baseball costume
Noah Jupe Julianne Moore Suburbicon film costumes
Noah Jupe plays 'Nicky', the Lodge's son, and wears this Suburbicon Little League baseball uniform in the film.

Margaret Lodge costume worn by Julianne Moore
in Suburbicon
Julianne Moore Suburbicon Margaret Lodge costume
Margaret Lodge Suburbicon film costume
Margaret Lodge Suburbicon costume
Julianne Moore Suburbicon Margaret pink dress
Julianne Moore Suburbicon Margaret pink dress
In the movie Julianne Moore plays the idyllic 1950s housewife living with her family in a community of affordable homes with perfectly manicured lawns.

Fans of the Oscar-wining actress can also check out her costume from The Kids Are All Right.

Gardner Lodge costume worn by Matt Damon
in Suburbicon
Matt Damon Suburbicon Gardner Lodge costume
Matt Damon Suburbicon Gardner Lodge suit
Suburbicon Gardner Lodge costume
Matt Damon plays a father and husband forced to kill to protect his perfect nuclear family.

Fans of the actor can also check out his NASA spacesuit from The Martian, costumes and props from the Jason Bourne movies and his Promised Land film costume and props.

Suburbicon movie poster
Suburbicon movie poster

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