Sunday, October 22, 2017

American Gods season one TV costumes on display...

If you're still looking for some costume inspiration for Halloween, then maybe these cool looks from Starz TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman's best-selling 2001 American Gods book will provide some ideas. In the supernatural drama an ex-con gets draw into a fantastical holy war between old and new gods, like 'Bilquis' the 'Queen of Sheba' an old goddess of love (played by Yetide Badaki), 'Technical Boy' the new god of technology (Bruce Langley), 'Mr. Nancy' the old Ghanian trickster god 'Anansi' now working as a tailor (Orlando Jones) and Gillian Anderson's new goddess 'Media', who channels famous celebrities like David Bowie as the mouthpiece of the New Gods. There are also characters like Emily Browning's Irish 'Essie MacGowan' who believes in mythical creatures like leprechauns.

Original costumes from American Gods first season
American Gods season 1 costumes
Mr Nancy Bilquis costumes American Gods
Yetide Badaki American Gods Bilquis costume
American Gods Bilquis costume
Yetide Badaki American Gods Bilquis costume
Orlando Jones American Gods Mr Nancy costume
American Gods Mister Nancy costume
Emily Browning American Gods Essie MacGowan costume
American Gods Essie MacGowan costume shoes
American Gods costume cufflinks and rings
American Gods costumes
Gillian Anderson American Gods Media David Bowie costume
American Gods Media costume shoes
American Gods season 1 costumes
Bruce Langley American Gods Technical Boy costume
American Gods TV costumes
The book may have been written over fifteen years ago, but its ideas about beliefs, religion, politics and the cultural melting pot of America is as timely as ever.

Suttirat Anne Larlarb is Series Costume Designer on American Gods first season, with Assistant Costume Designers Laura Montgomery, Brenda Broer, Sabrina Zain, Anita Bacic and Costume Supervisor Quita Alfred.

This cool selection of fantastical costumes, plus cufflinks and rings worn the characters, were photographed on display at Downtown L.A.'s FIDM Museum on August 23, 2017, as part of the 11th Outstanding Art of Television Costume Design exhibition.

American Gods season one TV billboard
American Gods season 1 billboard

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