Thursday, September 28, 2017

American Horror Story: Roanoke TV costumes on display...

The sixth season of FX's anthology horror series, American Horror Story, incorporated the mystery of the 1590s Roanoke Colony disappearance and a paranormal documentary called 'My Roanoke Nightmare' about the terrifying experiences of a married couple who moved to a house in North Carolina, plus the actors that played them. In this season Lady Gaga played a Scottish witch of the woods, 'Scathach', whilst Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters starred as actors playing parts in the documentary who impulsively married in 'real-life' despite their age difference.

Original American Horror Story: Roanoke costumes
American Horror Story Roanoke costumes
Lady Gaga American Horror Story Roanoke Scathach costume
Lady Gaga AHS Roanoke Scathach costume
Sarah Paulson AHS Roanoke Audrey Tindall costume
Sarah Paulson AHS Roanoke wedding costume
American Horror Story season 6 costumes
These witch and wedding outfits from the show were photographed on display at the 11th Outstanding Art of Television Costume Design exhibition at Downtown L.A.'s FIDM Museum on August 23, 2017.

Lou Eyrich was Costume Designer, Rebecca Guzzi Assistant Costumer Designer and Sandy Kenyon Costume Supervisor on the Roanoke season.

Fans of American Horror Story can also enjoy all these Emmy-winning AHS: Hotel costumes on display last year.

American Horror Story: Roanoke TV billboard
American Horror Story Roanoke billboard

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