Friday, June 3, 2016

Orgrim Doomhammer statue from Warcraft on display...

Usually on this blog I prefer to feature original costumes and props from movies and TV shows, but I'm also a huge geek, so when I see something cool on display at my local Hollywood cinema I also like to share it with my fellow fantasy and comic book fanboys and girls. This Summer the World of Warcraft games are being adapted for the big screen and to help promote the new fantasy movie directed by Duncan Jones this life-size statue of orc 'Orgrim Doomhammer' from Warcraft was on display at ArcLight Hollywood on June 1, 2016, after an odyssey visiting other various ArcLight cinemas on the West Coast this Spring.

Orgrim Doomhammer cinema statue from Warcraft
Orgrim Doomhammer Warcraft cinema statue
Orgrim Doomhammer Warcraft statue
Orgrim Doomhammer Warcraft statue
Orgrim Warcraft cinema statue
Orgrim Doomhammer Warcraft full-size statue
Orgrim Doomhammer Warcraft
Orgrim Doomhammer Warcraft statue ArcLight Hollywood
Orgrim Doomhammer Warcraft movie statue
Orgrim Doomhammer Warcraft film statue display
Orgrim Doomhammer Warcraft statue
In the movie 'Orgrim' is voiced by Robert Kazinsky and no doubt created by the wonders of CGI special effects, but in person he makes for an impressive presence.

Orgrim is second-in-command of the orc Frostwolf clan and wields the Doomhammer as his weapon, which has been handed down through the generations. In the film the orc warriors are fleeing their dying home to try and colonize the peaceful realm of Azeroth.

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Warcraft movie billboard
Warcraft movie billboard

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