Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Salma Hayek's dress and masks from Savages on display...

In Oliver Stone's 2012 film, Savages, adapted from Don Winslow's 2010 novel of the same name, Salma Hayek plays a Mexican drug cartel overlord, 'Elena Sánchez', who takes on a trio of pot growing lovers.

Original costume and masks from 2012's Savages
Original Salma Hayek Savages dress masks
Salma Hayek Savages film costume masks
Savages movie costume masks
Savages movie costume mask exhibit
Cindy Evans was Costume Designer on this movie and this original costume and these Day of the Dead masks featured on screen were photographed on display at Universal Studios Hollywood's movie costume and props archive exhibit on January 20, 2015.

Savages movie poster
Savages movie poster
In the movie Salma Hayek wears this orange dress as the leader of the Mexican Baja Cartel who wants a piece of the high-quality marijuana growing and supply business that a former Navy SEAL, 'Chon' (Taylor Kitsch) and his botanist best friend, 'Ben', (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) have established. She kidnaps their shared pothead lover 'Ophelia' or 'O' (Blake Lively) and instigates a vendetta between the two organizations.

Dress and jewelry worn by Salma Hayek 
as Elena Sánchez in Savages
Salma Hayek Savages orange movie dress
Salma Hayek Savages dress
Salma Hayek Savages Elena Sánchez dress
Elena Sánchez Savages dress jewelry
Elena Savages dress detail
Salma Hayek Savages movie costume
In the movie Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Taylor-Johnson wear these Dia de los Muertos masks, the black one on the left is Chon's and white design belongs to Ben, to disguise themselves and strike back against Elena's drug empire.

Day of the Dead masks worn by Taylor Kitsch 
and Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Savages
Savages Day of the Dead movie masks
Ben Day of the Dead Savages mask
Savages Chon Day of the Dead mask
Savages Day of the Dead masks
Ben Day of the Dead Savages mask
Savages Day of the Dead Chon mask
Savages Day of the Dead masks
Chon Day of the Dead Savages mask
Savages Day of the Dead Ben mask
If you're a fan of Taylor Kitsch (who seems to have the worst luck in choosing movies), be sure to check out these original movie costumes from John Carter on display.

Plus if you're an admirer of Aaron Taylor-Johnson, take a look at these Oscar-winning costumes from Anna Karenina.

Stay tuned for more cinematic treasures spied on my most recent visit to the NBC Universal Experience archive exhibit.

Savages movie billboard
Savages movie billboard
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