Saturday, February 28, 2015

Tom Hanks tuxedo and props from Charlie Wilson's War on display...

In Mike Nichol's 2007 Charlie Wilson's War adapted from George Crile III's 2003 book, Tom Hanks stars as the titular Texas congressman in a biographical comedy-drama about his covert actions helping Mujahideen rebels during the Soviet war in Afghanistan in the 1980's.

Original film costume worn by Tom Hanks in Charlie Wilson's War
Tom Hanks Charlie Wilsons War tuxedo film props
Tom Hanks Charlie Wilson's War tuxedo
Tom Hanks tuxedo Charlie Wilson's War
Original Charlie Wilsons War movie costume props
Charlie Wilson's War film costume props
This tuxedo worn by Tom Hanks as Charlie Wilson, plus these props featured in the film, were photographed on display at Universal Studios Hollywood's movie archive exhibit on January 20, 2015.

Two time Oscar-winning Costume Designer Albert Wolsky was responsible for the period wardrobe on this film, and you can also see his work more recently by checking out this original movie costume from Birdman.

Charlie Wilson's War movie poster
Charlie Wilson's War movie poster
Also featured as part of the exhibit was these screen-used props from the movie, including a Talisker whisky bottle and an award to congressman Charlie Wilson for the first stinger missile strike in Afghanistan.

Film props from Charlie Wilson's War
Original Charlie Wilson's War props
Charlie Wilsons War movie props
If you like these authentic pieces of movie memorabilia, be sure to check out more original costumes and props from Universal Studios film and TV archives from my most recent visit to the NBC Universal Experience attraction.

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