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Lily James and Richard Madden's costume from Disney's Cinderella on display...

In recent years fairytale stories have been receiving the big screen treatment with a modern twist or two, everything from Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, Snow White & the Huntsman to Jack the Giant Slayer. Even Disney has taken familiar characters and given them a fresh perspective with the likes of Maleficent re-imagining the story of Sleeping Beauty. This year the trend seems to be taking classic animated Disney feature films and translating them onto the big screen, with the first being the rags-to-riches tale of Cinderella, the difference being this story hasn't been given a darker edge, but is an unabashedly romantic and fairytale romp.

Original Cinderella film costumes on display
Disney Cinderella movie costume exhibit
Disney Cinderella film costume
Disney Cinderella glass slipper
Disney Cinderella Prince movie costume
Disney Cinderella movie costume exhibit
This movie costume exhibit for the live-action film directed by Kenneth Branagh was photographed on display at ArcLight Sherman Oaks cinema on February 17, 2015.

Cinderella movie poster
Cinderella 2015 movie poster
In this retelling of the classic fairytale Downton Abbey's Lily James plays a young 'Ella', the titular servant girl who suffers living with her evil Stepmother and Stepsisters, but eventually wins the heart of a charming prince.

Original costume worn by Lily James as Ella in Cinderella
Lily James Cinderella movie costume
Cinderella film costume detail
Cinderella floral dress detail
Cinderella film dress detail
Cinderella floral dress
Original Cinderella movie costumeCinderella film costume shoes
Three time Oscar-winner Sandy Powell was Costume Designer on this movie and this pretty floral dress worn by Ella is one of her creations. She wears this simple dress before her transformation by her Fairy Godmother.

You can also see Sandy Powell's design work in these Oscar-nominated costumes from The Tempest, these costumes from Hugo and this gown from Gangs of New York.

Original costume worn by Richard Madden 
as the Prince in Cinderella
Richard Madden Prince Charming Cinderella movie costume
Cinderella Prince Charming film costume
Cinderella Prince movie costume detail
Cinderella Prince movie costume
Cinderella Prince Charming film costume
Cinderella Prince Charming costume cuff detail
Cinderella Prince Charming costume embroidered cuff
Richard Madden Cinderella Prince Charming costume
He may have suffered a bloody fate in Game of Thrones as the young King of the North, 'Robb Stark', but it looks like Richard Madden has scrubbed up pretty well to play the Prince that becomes enchanted by Ella.

If you like these original costumes, be sure to check out another take on these fairytale characters, with these Cinderella and Prince Charming movie costumes from Into the Woods by Colleen Atwood.

Glass slipper from Cinderella
Cinderella movie glass slipper
Cinderella glass slipper
Disney Cinderella glass slipper
Disney Cinderella glass slipper
Cinderella film glass slipper
Cinderella Swarovksi glass slipper
Cinderella glass slipper
Now I'm not sure if this Swarovski glass slipper of Cinderella's is an actual prop from the movie (the signage implies it is), or whether it's a promotional replica, but it still makes for a sparking exhibit and replicates the teaser trailer for the movie on its rotating turnstile.
I can't imagine a crystal shoe would be very comfortable (no matter how fabulous it looks with that golden butterfly), but then that's magic for you. As the story goes when the clock strikes midnight Cinderella must flee the royal ball, and she leaves one of her slippers is left behind, which the Prince finds and vows to find the beautiful owner.

I'm hoping that there'll be more delights from Disney's new live-action Cinderella movie on display at the El Capitan Theatre when it opens in March, so stay tuned for future posts.

Cinderella movie billboard
Giant Cinderella movie billboard Sunset Strip
Go further-behind-the-fairytale with this book: A Wish Your Heart Makes: From the Grimm Brothers' Aschenputtel to Disney's Cinderella (Disney Editions Deluxe (Film))


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