Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Costumes from TV's Psych on display...

The crime comedy drama Psych ran for eight seasons on USA Network from its debut in July 2006 to the series finale in March 2014. The show centered on James Roday as 'Shawn Spencer' whose observational skills and eidetic memory make it appear than he has psychic abilities and allows him to be a freelance consultant with the Santa Barbara Police Department. He's joined in his investigations by his best friend and business partner 'Burton "Gus" Guster' (played by Dulé Hill).

Original costumes from Psych on display 
at Universal Studios Hollywood
Original Psych TV costumes
Psych TV costumes
Dulé Hill Psych Michael Jackson Thriller homage costume
Psych Michael Jackson Thriller homage costume
James Roday and Dulé Hill Psych costumes
These costumes worn by the actors in the TV series, with Costume Design by Simon Tuke, were photographed on display at the NBC Universal Experience exhibit on April 15, 2014. 

One the left is the outfit worn by James Roday as Shawn Spencer when he goes undercover at a telenovela studio and pretends to play 'Chad' the delivery man in episode thirteen of the second season, 'Lights, camera... Homicidio'.

The other more iconic looking, and timely costume with the release of Michael Jackson's latest album, is an homage to the King of Pop's red leather Thriller jacket, worn in this case by Dulé Hill as 'Gus' when he goes undercover as a contestant in a singing talent show contest in the vein of American Idol in the season two opener.

Psych TV poster
Psych TV poster
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