Saturday, May 24, 2014

Denzel Washington's American Gangster movie costume on display...

In Ridley Scott's 2007 biographical crime movie American Gangster Denzel Washington plays 'Frank Lucas', a notorious Manhattan heroin kingpin in 1970's America, with Russell Crowe's detective fighting to put his drug smuggling empire out of business.

Original costume worn by Denzel Washington 
as drug boss Frank Lucas in American Gangster
Denzel Washington Frank Lucas American Gangster movie costume
Denzel Washington American Gangster movie costume
American Gangster drug scale prop
American Gangster movie costume prop exhibit
Denzel Washington American Gangster film costume
Janty Yates was Costume Designer on this 70's based movie and this costume worn by Denzel Washington as the drug overlord 'Frank Lucas'. This costume and drug weighing scale prop from the film was photographed on display at Universal Studios Hollywood's ever-changing costume and prop archive exhibit on April 15, 2014.

You can also see more of Janty Yates costume designs in The Counselor, Gladiator and 2010's Robin Hood (all films by Ridley Scott).

American Gangster movie poster
American Gangster movie poster
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